What’s up freedom fighters?! Welcome back for another episode. Today, we are going to talk about your story. Are you where you want to be, both in your business and personal life? Are there things you’re wanting to accomplish but haven’t started yet? Whatever chapter you’re on right now, you can flip the page and start a new chapter. Start with a blank slate and rewrite your story.

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What’s up, freedom fighters? Hey, welcome back for another episode. Today, I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind for the past day or so. Something triggered it in my mind yesterday and it was that if you’re unhappy with your life or your situation or your level of success or whatever it is, your story in life that you’re kind of reading through this story, whatever chapter you’re on right now, you can flip the page and start a new chapter and it’s a blank slate right now. You get to decide where your future goes from here you get to decide the end of your story. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.
Welcome to “Real Estate Investing Secrets.” We’re all looking for freedom and the opportunity to live better, more fulfilling lives, but most of us were trained our entire lives to work for someone else and chase their dreams. How can we use real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom? My life is dedicated to answering your real estate investing questions and helping you build an investing business that allows you to change your life and the world around you and to enable you to turn your dreams of financial freedom into a reality. My name is Mike Hambright from flipnerd.com, and your questions get answered here on the “Real Estate Investing Secrets” show.
What’s up, guys? Hey, if you’re interested in changing your story, you can simply rewrite it. That’s what I want to talk about today. I see so many people and sometimes I get down, I feel like, “Oh, I wish I was further ahead on this or I wish that I wasn’t in this situation or that situation.” It’s real easy for us to kind of get down on our situation, but the truth is we get to write the ending of our story. Wherever you are in life right now, it doesn’t matter how bad of a hand you’ve been dealt, what you’ve been through in the past. What you really have to fix is up here. It’s between your ears, right? Because you can change the story, you can rewrite the ending of your story. You can rewrite the very next chapter.
It doesn’t matter where you are or what has happened. This is your book. This is your life. You get to rewrite the story. I think too many of us fall into this and it’s so common these days and I hate it, kind of victimhood mentality of something’s happening to me or somebody did something to me or whatever. We all have a backstory, some of which we hate or are embarrassed by or wish it never happened, a lot of it. We all have that baggage. We all have different things, some much worse than others. So I don’t want to take light of that. However, you get to decide where you go from here. If your book was being right, your story is being written right now in your book of your life, you could simply turn the page and start a new chapter. Now, I know that for some of you that you’re saying, “Well, that sounds easier said than done.”
Maybe it is. I didn’t say it was easy, the truth is nothing that’s worthwhile in life is easy, but you get to decide what happens from this moment forward, right? And you have to just decide. If you’re stuck and you can’t make a decision on something and sometimes it helps to write it down and that’s why I’m talking about writing your story because sometimes in our minds, you know things just get muddled up or they are unclear as to what exactly that’s going to look like. So I found that it’s really important to kind of write things down. I fill up like notebooks full of ideas or things or business ideas, whatever it is that I want to do. I tend to like just load up pages with stuff because it helps me think through the details and that might help you too.
So no matter where you are in life, you can simply turn the page and literally start over. But you have to be willing to do that. You have to be willing to set any excuses aside. Like, “Well, I have kids, I have a family, I have this, I have that.” I could promise you everybody that I know that’s successful in life overcame some major hurdles, and I can also tell you for your life, the truth is once you get confident in overcoming hurdles, then you don’t worry about failure anymore. In fact, you want to fail because that is a learning steppingstone on your way to success.
Real estate investing has changed my life, no doubt about it. But what I can tell you now is in business I take sometimes some big risks, things that people are kind of surprised that I’m doing and willing to go all in on something. And the truth is because I know that I’ll fail and I’m okay with that. And I know that it’s just a steppingstone towards something bigger. I also know that I get to write my own story. So it could be a boring ending or it can be an exciting ending where I’m either the champion or going down in flames one way or another. I encourage you to shoot for that too.
I can tell you more than anything and by the way, I’m not dying. So, you know, but when I think about death, my biggest fear in life is that I’ll look back and have regrets on things that I should’ve done or risks that I should’ve taken or things that I should have tried and that’s one of my biggest fears. It may or may not be yours, but I think it’s probably true for most is that they will look back and say, you know, I really should have tried this.
Specifically with real estate investing, I know so many people that have been thinking about doing it for 10, 20 or more years and they just never took those risks. Perceived risks, I should say, because where they were was just a little too comfortable. The story was just flowing nicely, or at least it was predictable and they chose not to do it. But the truth is, if you want something bad enough, you just have to do it because you are the author of your own story. Hopefully that helps today. Look forward to seeing you as soon on another episode. Have a good day.
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