Robert Syfert goes over how to find quality, long-term tenants for your rentals. By qualifying your tenants with background checks, credit checks, and a an application process in general, you’re able to better find reliable tenants. Finding qualified tenants takes a bit more time, but the extra steps you take can help..


Pete Asmus talks to us today about personal branding and it needs to be a part of your business. From who you surround yourself with to what you’re posting online, everything you do builds your personal brand. You are able to control your brand by choosing what you want to show publicly and what you decide to..

existing properties

Today, Patrick Donohoe elaborates on where it makes sense to add value in your rental properties. A good way to do this is to look at nearby homes that are getting higher rent and see what they have that your property doesn’t. In addition to upgrades, there are other ways to add value to the property, including..


Today, Nav Athwal goes over how crowdfunding works for investors needing to borrow capital. From the initial application to getting approved, closing the deal, and funding, find out how the crowdfunding process works..


As Nate Armstrong explains, once you have an appointment with a potential seller, make sure to add value to the deal, connect one a personal level, and be upfront with them. Instead of being aggressive with sellers, Nate Armstrong urges investors to find common ground so that the sellers are comfortable with you..


In the REI Classroom today, Matt Garabedian explains how to get the answers you want by asking the right questions. It’s important to ask questions that lead to the answer you’re looking for. This takes practice but can be very beneficial in the real estate investing industry..


Mark Podolsky talks to us about how important processes are in the real estate investing industry. Stop trying to do everything yourself and take advantage of software and virtual assistants so that you can create a more efficient business. Not only do they allow for more efficiency, but if you have a team carrying out..

asset protection

Today, Marc Schwartz goes over asset protection and how to not only protect your assets but to keep your name off public records. Discover the benefits of an LLC for real estate investors and also find out the different types of trusts..