Today, Jason Fritton goes over the need to always remember the basic fundamentals of smart real estate investing in each and every deal you consider. Jason Fritton emphasizes the need to research the cap rates, comps, neighborhood demographics, job growth in the area. In addition, there’s also a need to..


When you have a property you’re needing to move, staging can be a great way to make the property stand out, as Holly McKhann explains. Staging can be very effective but isn’t always necessary for all properties. Listen in as Holly explains when it’s smart to stage and strategies for what to stage in the home ..


H. Quincy Long provides 10 tips for you to take advantage of when using private money for your investment deals. When you have a private money lender, there are steps to take to make sure they know their money is in good hands..


KPI’s, or key performance indicators, are important as they tell you how you’re doing. You need to know how you’re doing now so that you can analyze where you want to be in the future. From the number of leads generated to your profit margins to your ROI, you need to be tracking your progress on a regular basis..

fix and flips

Frank Cava discusses how to prepare yourself to talk to anyone about your business anyhow it can lead to you raising the money you need. Find out the key pieces of information you need to have ready to show that you’re serious and reliable when raising capital..