ira investment

Today, Clay Malcolm breaks down 5 types of real estate investments you can do within your IRA, including how each works. Clay Malcolm, an expert in all things related to IRAs, explains how to use your IRA for alternative assets, specifically for real estate..

land parcel

Mark Podolsky discusses ways to close on a land deal that’s less than $5,000. Instead of closing at a title company, he shares lower cost ways since it’s an inexpensive deal. Mark Podolsky elaborates on his 3 ways that he closes on inexpensive land parcels, including mobile notaries. Listen in as he shares how this..

rental properties

Lex Levinrad explains how to calculate your positive cash flow on rental properties and how important it is to treat it as a business. Listen in for a great tip to calculate if your rental property is a good deal or not, by comparing the cost of rent charged to the cost of the property..

business capital

Leo Clark talks to us today about the benefits of community banks and credit unions when you’re a small business owner. Learn more about how having a line of credit for business needs such as operating costs, marketing, rehabs, overhead cost, and more can help give you quick capital for times you need it..

utilizing ebay

Today in the classroom, Larry Goins instructs us about how he goes to eBay and Craigslist to search and list real estate investment deals. Larry Goins lets us in on what keywords he searches for and a little about how he lists his properties..


Different neighborhoods appeal to different demographics, as Kevin Ortner shares. Knowing who your demographic is for a rental property can help you determine what renovations need to be done and how to market the property effectively. If a property is by good schools and parks, the demographic could..

virtual assistants

Virtual assistants can be a tremendous help to all real estate investors. Jon Iannotti shares how he’s had some of his virtual assistants for over 10 years. With a bit of training, virtual assistants are perfect for helping the business run smoothly. From administrative work to calling leads, they can take off some of your..

blind offer

John Martinez elaborates on why it’s not such a good idea to send blind offers to motivated or non-motivated sellers. It’s important to remember that your offer is your leverage. Conversation is needed in order to find out their reason for selling and by providing a blind offer, you’re cutting off the need for communication ..

maximum profit

Joe Lieber explains important rules to have as a landlord that you should be firm on so that your profit is maximized and you aren’t taken advantage on. By having policies in place for showings, payments, evictions, and more can help you keep a structured business that is bringing in high returns..

dream team

Joe Calloway explains the process he went through in hiring his dream team. It all depends on your business needs so you know who to hire first. For rehabbers, a general contractor might be the first person you hire, just as Joe did. For others, it might be an assistant to help with administrative work..