ira investments

Today, Clay Malcolm breaks down 5 types of real estate investments you can do within your IRA, including how each works. Clay Malcolm, an expert in all things related to IRAs, explains how to use your IRA for alternative assets, specifically for real estate..


Mark Podolsky elaborates on why land investors don’t necessarily have as much stress associated with their deals as they aren’t having to deal with tenants, rodents, Dodd Frank, Maintenance, etc. With land, there’s low competition and you don’t have to worry about rehabbing it or finding a tenant! tenant! Land can..

loan officer

Kelly McDonald explains how to best gather and provide information needed to the loan officer and underwriter. By providing full bank statements, explanations of large deposits, and other necessary documents, you’re making it easier for the loan officer and underwriter and therefore, getting you your funds quicker..

security deposit

Today, Pete Neubig chats with us about the importance of collecting a security deposit, including the idea that residents will leave the property in good condition so that they can get their security deposit back. Without a security deposit, the tenants who are leaving don’t have a monetary risk attached to the condition..


As Kevin Bupp discusses, the TLO technology is helping investors track down hard to find homeowners. By taking this extra step, you’re giving yourself a leading edge against your competitors. Kevin shares a real life example of how using TLO helped track down a hard to find mobile home park owner that most other..


You have to have a competitive advantage in this business! As Duncan Wierman reminds us, you won’t always be the best offer but if you have a competitive advantage, your offer might be chosen because you did something better or different than everyone else. It can be your down-to-earth conversations ..

401(k) IRA

While many think that a 401k and an IRA are the same things, there are differences that you need to know as an investor, as Clay Malcolm explains. Learn the advantages and disadvantages to both types of retirement accounts along with distinctions of both types of accounts..


Today, Mark Podolsky chats with us about how you can automate your land buying business so that you can be getting deals and selling them while you’re out of the office. Be sure to listen in as Mark explains how he sets up his automation and how the entire process works. From having a virtual mailbox to having a VA do your..


Steve Rozenberg explains how your knowledge of DiSC profiling can help you communicate better in your business. When talking to buyers or sellers, it’s important to gauge what their DiSC style is so that you can adapt your communication style to best suit them. If you’re a dominant communicator..

appraiser packet

As a former appraiser himself, Doug Van Soest shares what to add to an appraiser packet to help you get the best appraisal possible. Doug goes over what to include in the appraiser packet, starting with a cover letter and before/after photos. By providing the appraiser with a list of improvements that were made, it can help..