cap rates

Kathy Fettke explains why you shouldn’t be settling for low cap rates and how there should be a change in the commercial market starting later this year. Kathy gives a real-life example of why settling for too low of a cap rate can put you at risk to lose money. Listen in as she shares valuable information that you..


Today, Justin Wilmot talks to us about how your confidence can affect your energy and hustle in your wholesaling business. Justin emphasizes how important it is to figure out what you’re good at within real estate investing so that you’re confident in your work and in turn, you’re more efficient..


Today, Jon Iannotti talks with us about how all leads are important and how he handles non-motivated sellers. Just because a seller isn’t motivated currently, doesn’t mean there isn’t an offer they’d be willing to accept..

non mortgage

We have John Anderson in the classroom with us today to go over what to do if there are non-mortgage liens on a property you're wanting to buy. Whether it's liens from the IRS, HOA, or mechanic liens, there are ways to negotiate a lower price in order for you to purchase the home..


Joe Calloway elaborates on why you shouldn't get discouraged from distractions around you and instead look at the real numbers. Instead of comparing yourself to others, concentrate on building your business and what you can do to take it a step further..

buyers list

Having a large, high-quality buyers list takes time and effort. Jim Ingersoll provides a few tips to build your list up. "Networking is Networth." Jim Ingersoll shares some fantastic tips of where to find qualified buyers to add to your list, including landlords, flippers, and REIA members..


As Jim Huntzicker explains, there are deals on the MLS that get hardly any views and some that have been sitting there for hundreds of days. These homes … can be your opportunity. Jim talks to us today about searching for homes that have been on the MLS for over 300 days (or a similar number that works for your ..

damaged properties

Today, Jason Lucchesi talks to us today about how many investors shy away from fire damaged properties and how he has found many deals that have some degree of fire damage. REI Classroom Summary There’s various sources to talk to when trying to find fire damaged properties. Most importantly, you want…