In the classroom today, Duncan Wierman explains the importance of standing out from your competition. An easy way to do this is to become a local expert in the area you’re investing in. In this industry, you should be promoting yourself and your skill set. Also, follow up is a necessity as many buyers might not be ready..

comps and pinpoints

Doug elaborates on how to find the right comps, including guidelines to follow. As a former appraiser, Doug is an expert on comps! Square footage, age of the property, age of the sale, and the proximity of the comp to the property are all factors that need to similar in order for it to be a good comp..

raw land

Mark Podolsky talks to us today about just how big the land market is and where it makes sense to buy. Mark discusses what sellers you should be marketing to and how it can be easy to get lots of small deals coming your way if done right..


Today, Steve Rozenberg goes over how you need to be an expert in leveraging both time and people so that you and your business can reach your highest potential. You only have so much time in the day, so dividing out the tasks and utilizing other team members can help your business grow and be more efficient..

analyze a deal

Today, Brian Meara discusses how you can analyze a short sale deal in 30 seconds by finding out answers to 2 questions. In order to quickly analyze a deal, you don’t need to know the backstory or ask a ton of questions. By knowing answers to 2 quick questions, you can quickly determine if it’s worth pursuing or not..


Blake Yarborough explains some mistakes people are making when filing their taxes. One major mistake made is utilizing expenses instead of capitalization. If you’re able to depreciate an item over time instead of all at once, there are benefits to this that can help you be able to buy more properties..

portfolios for acquisition

Adam Stern explains a change they’ve recently made to help get the right portfolios for the right buyers. This recent change is allowing an easier way for owners to get their portfolios on the OwnAmerica site so that buyers can quickly have their needs met..