In today’s REI Classroom, J Massey explains how it sometimes takes failing to push yourself work through to the solution. Failure can bring out the best in people. When failure occurs, it’s an opportunity for you to see your weaknesses and be better in the long run..

rehab bid

When a bid is created and reviewed, there are lots of small items that can easily be missed but that will ultimately need to be repaired or replaced. From simple window screens to broken sewer lines, there’s a list of items that are commonly missed when creating a bid for a rehab project that will add to your cost..


Today, Lex Levinrad talks to us about how having systems in place for your acquisitions and dispositions are critical for your efficiency as a business. Break down your business into buying and selling as they should have 2 different systems. Depending on your business, you might be doing all of the buying or selling..

note deals

Scott Carson lets us in on who to ask for when calling a bank about finding non-performing notes. He also shares keywords to mention and what not to say. There are special departments that handle non-performing notes and they’re not always called the same thing. Listen to Scott share some tips from his experiences..


Steve Rozenberg chats with us today about picking tenants, the right way. Most importantly, you want to stay legal in your selection process. Know what you can and can’t ask. Call their references and stay standard across the board. You can’t say ‘yes’ to everyone but you need to be legal when you tell a potential tenant ‘no’..

entity choices

William Bronchick shares a few guidelines to think about when deciding what legal entity would work best for your business strategy (although you should always consult an expert on your needs specifically). While LLCs make sense for some, a S or C Corp might work better for other investors. Listen in and find out ..