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In the classroom today, Jim Ingersoll goes over (more than) 5 of the best web resources out there for real estate investors.

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From communication to lead generation to systems you need, Jim Ingersoll goes over a few of the web resources he recommends so that your business can be more efficient and can grow. Visit to get your free Flipping Houses Swipe File.

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Real Estate Investing Classroom Show Transcripts:

Mike: Welcome back to the REI Classroom, where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now, let’s meet today’s expert host.

Jim: Hey, everybody. I’m Jim Ingersoll with the REI Classroom. Thanks for tuning in today. We’ve got some really cool things to talk to you about, including five very important web resources that can really change your life as an investor.

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Jim: I’m going to start off with the way that people can easily communicate with you and not know all of your personal information. It’s very important you keep your business life separate from your family life so your wife and kids, and people like that don’t get upset with the calls coming in from motivated sellers and things like that. Now, if you’re just getting started as a real estate investor, I highly encourage you to go to Google Voice. Google Voice is a phenomenal capability and the best part for us real estate investors, totally free. So free is good, right? And you can go there, pick up a Google Voice number in your local area code and start using that on all your marketing.

So for your branded signs, for your direct mail postcards, your yellow letters, all of that stuff can funnel through Google Voice. It’s a great way to get going. When the voice mails come through to you, if you get a voice mail, it will also transcribe it or show up right on your smartphone, which is really an awesome capability.

Now, if you are a growing investor, and you’re going from a solopreneur into an actual investing business, the resource you’re going to want to look at, in my opinion, is CallRail. CallRail is a paid-for-service on a monthly basis, but it gives you a ton more capabilities than Google Voice does. It’s not free, but it’s got more capability. It gives you many, many lines. You can really track down your marketing and see where all of your leads are coming in. Track it, zero in on that so you can do more deals that way. So check out as well.

Now, for you landlords that are in the group today, I don’t want to leave you out. So the one landlord and web resource that changed my life was Buildium. It took all of our file cabinets and all of our Excel spreadsheets and got rid of them, and everything went to an online portal. So there’s an online portal for all of my tenants, they can go in there. They can pay rent, which is a great capability.

And then, when I have a vacancy, my rental application is online, they can pay the fee online. They can pay for the background screening for their credit online. Everything is automated, and automation is the key if you’re going to grow your investing business. So is a great way to go out and do that. You get rid of all your file cabinets. You can email all your tenants. It will also automatically apply your late fees and email your tenants when they’re late in paying you rent. Very, very important to get automation into your business.

Now, if you guys are out there driving for dollars and you see the boarded up houses, and the high grass, and all that stuff that says, “That is a hot deal,” how do you find that seller? Well, I want to talk to you about some skip tracing capabilities for you really quickly here as well. Now, one skip tracing service you can do is called White Pages. Obviously works very, very well, and that’s a great beginner’s site. Another kind of a beginner’s site is also called You put the information in there, it will email you a lot of information about the seller.

And the best one, if you’re a growing investing business, is TLO. TLO is a phenomenal capability. They are going to need to come to your house, do a short little audit, but don’t sweat that, don’t have any anxiety or anything. They’re just going to make sure you’ve got passwords, you’ve got locked file cabinets, and a locked office, things like that because you’re going to get unbelievable amounts of information from TLO. If you don’t believe me, skip trace yourself and take a look at how much information about you is out there. So skip tracing, you’ve got to find the seller in order to buy the house. Skip tracing, go to

Now, finally, if you’re really a fast-growing investing business and you’re starting to do a lot of deals, you’re going to want to have systems. And the system I recommend is Podio. It’s a great cloud automation system, it allows you to really organize all of your lead generation and you develop these little apps and the process flows from an incoming lead to your buyer, and there are scheduled steps every step along the way of the buying process, all the way through closing the deal. So if you’re not already using Podio and interfacing it into your daily business, as a growing investor, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

So that’s five web resources: Google Voice, actually a couple of extras, CallRail,, I want to talk a little bit as well. It’s a great source for getting out there and building your list to find motivated sellers for non-owner-occupied, out-of-state, high equity. We talked about skip tracing,,,, and Podio. That’s more than five great web resources that are going to change your life as an investor.

Thanks again for tuning in to the REI Classroom today. I am Jim Ingersoll. Now, I’ve got a special giveaway for you also. Go to fix-flip and pick up my swipe file right there so you can you can work with contractors the right way.

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