There are some “must-haves” for attending appointments, because honestly, you need to be prepared. The conditions inside the property are usually unknown and many times, you’ll want to shower as soon as you get home.
To put it simply, you’re going to walk into some properties and not know what you’re walking on but you still need to do your job and make a proper offer on the property.
So you need to be prepared!

It’s a good idea to keep everything you need in your car so that when you get a lead, you’re ready to go. We’ve compiled a list that include common items investors bring with them to a meeting with a motivated seller.

  • Tape measure (12 ft+)
  • Pen and notepad
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Bug Spray
  • Closed toe shoes that you don’t mind throwing away
  • Binoculars (to check the condition of the roof)
  • Camera
  • Folder with:
    • Blank contract
    • List of comps
    • Repair estimates sheet
    • Stats of the property
    • Business cards
    • Testimonials

Every real estate investor has their variation on what they bring with them but the above is a pretty comprehensive list to consider.
You never know the condition of the interior of the property so expect the worst. If no one is living in the property and has been vacant for a significant period of time, there’s no telling what you’ll walk into.

Some say that the more dilapidated the property, the higher the discount that you’ll be able to secure.
It’s just part of the job.
Remember that you’re meeting with the seller because they’re going through some sort of tough situation and you’re their solution.
If they see your distaste come through on your face, it’s going to be an uphill battle to get them to trust you and take your offer.
Instead, listen to their story and focus on anything positive regarding the property.
Look past anything that can be cleaned out and tossed in a dumpster. Focus on the structure and the repairs that are needed to get the property retail ready.

With your supplies ready to go, you can focus on driving around the neighborhood to research comps so that you’re walking into the appointment focused.
No matter the condition of the house, always be respectful. Listen to their story, build rapport with them, and see if you’re the right fit to be the solution to their problem.

Hannah Alley

Hannah Alley

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