With an uncertain real estate market, it’s more critical now more than ever to know the best strategies being utilized around the nation. Most of us are used to watching our lead generation strategies to know what’s converting best, but now it seems like everything is changing and many investors just don’t know what move to make next. 

A shaky market causes newer investors to take a step back because of perceived increased risks. We’ve been accustomed to appreciation year after year and homes selling without issue. Now, we’re not as certain what homes will sell for, how long they’ll take to sell, and in addition, obtaining capital is becoming more complicated. This with the fact that many of us can’t visit the properties due to new restrictions and everyone practicing social distancing, real estate investing is just…well…more complicated. 

As we all know, real estate investing can be a lonely business. 

Going through these changes in the market can be scary if you’re going at it alone. With a national mastermind, you’re able to hear strategies that others are implementing in their market to find out what’s working best right now. 

With how fast things have changed, you need to know what’s working so that your business can continue running smoothly and ideally, growing.

In the Investor Fuel Mastermind, we have conversations in our private Facebook group 24/7 and we’re also having twice weekly happy hour sessions where we go live and share updates about our markets and help answer questions from the group. With everyone having their own niche, we’re able to find out what’s happening with mortgages and lending, direct mail and SMS messaging, virtual wholesaling, and a ton more. 

We have guys in our mastermind who have been buying over the phone for years. They buy in different states even. They’re sharing their tips and strategies with the group to help those who are unable to meet with sellers right now. 

The information is at our fingertips. 

It’s the beauty of being in a mastermind group. 

We support each other and share good news and are vulnerable and don’t mind breaking down where we need help. There’s no ego and everyone has a giving mindset. 

Instead of drowning in news all day, our members are building out processes and doubling down on marketing because they know now is the time for opportunity. They aren’t shying away and waiting for things to settle down. 

They’re pivoting and making deals happen.

Hannah Alley

Hannah Alley

I'm the operations manager here at FlipNerd.com and have a passion for real estate investing and have a background in writing and business. I focus on providing content that is aimed for newer real estate investors and those who have the drive to become a full-time real estate investor. With so many strategies to utilize within the real estate investing industry, I aim to break down any barriers and showcase that real estate investing is obtainable and can truly bring financial freedom.

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