3 Real Estate Lead Generation Tips

By June 25, 2015 July 26th, 2019 Expert Tips

Flip Tip Summary

There are some powerful lead generation techniques you can use on social media or online. Duncan Wierman joins us for this FlipNerd Expert Tip to share some you likely haven’t thought of before. Three quick tips on how to generate more real estate investing leads!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike: Hey, it’s Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com and we have a quick expert tip to share with you from Duncan Wierman who’s going to share three real estate lead generation tips.

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Duncan: All right. Well, for you newbie investors who don’t have a dream team in place yet, why don’t you research your competition on LinkedIn, see who they’re connected to, and also connect to them and see if they can’t be on your dream team, also.

Tip number two is I’d like you to go to Search.Twitter.com. It’s the advanced search feature of Twitter. Put in your location and one of the key words you would normally use, like ‘foreclosure’. It will tell you who tweeted in the last 24 hours those keywords, and you want to then follow them and then ask them through a direct message, or tweet to them, if you can make an offer on their short sale deal.

Tip number three is if you’re doing short sales go to Pacer.gov, because that’s the federal record-keeping system and it will tell you everybody in bankruptcy all around the country. You want to look for the keyword – listen very carefully – you want to look for the keyword online, ‘dismissed’. That’s the government’s way of saying they failed to keep up their bankruptcy payments. It means that the short sale can start all over again, and you can send them a letter or contact them and say, “Look, I’ll buy your house. I’ll make an offer on it,” and guess what? All the other investors don’t know, all the other agents don’t know, lawyers don’t care anymore because they already had their bankruptcy, so you can be the only one working that short sale deal.

So guys, those are my three quick tips, and I know if you do one of them you’re going to make some money.

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