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There’s no “i” in Team. We all have certain things we’re good at, and things that other members of our team should handle. Chris Marroquin shares great advice on why to focus on your strengths, and let your team handle the rest. Also, why to not stray from your investing niche. Check it out!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike: Hey, it’s Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com. We have a quick expert tip to share with you from Chris Marroquin of Streamline Funding, who’s going to share some advice on how to be a specialist in your investing business and why you should leverage your team.
Mike: This expert tip is sponsored by B2R Finance, VirtualStaffNow.com and AceBusinessFunding.com.
Chris: So Mike, you know that in hard money lending you want to leverage, at least that’s what we preach, as much as possible. I think I see it goes hand in hand with investors. Certain types of investors truly are specialists and they’re really good at doing a couple of things. The guys that do the best, the guys that I see succeed, are the guys that surround themselves with other specialists. I see ourselves, my company, as kind of a specialist that’s a part of a lot of other investor teams and those are the guys that tend to come out on top, tend to transact, and they’re the guys that everyone else kind of wants to be around.
Mike: And would you say it’s important to be a specialist in the type of real estate you invest in as well?
Chris: Absolutely. That is definitely a part of it. Find your niche, find what you like, find what drives you, something that enjoy and stick with it. That’s not to say just do one thing, because you have to kind of roll with the punches and change as the market changes, but define what it is that you’re doing and become a specialist and then own it.
Mike: Please note that the views and opinions expressed by the individuals in this program do not necessarily reflect those of FlipNerd.com or any of its partners, advertisers, or affiliates. Please consult professionals before making any investment or tax decisions as real estate investing can be risky.



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