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As real estate investors…we often get so busy with day to day stuff that it’s hard to plan strategically. In this FlipNerd.com Flip Tip, Jim Huntzicker shares a great tip on the importance of blocking off time in your calendar to do big, important stuff. Or…to pay more attention to what’s important to you. Good stuff…watch it now!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike: Hey it’s Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com. We have a quick VIP Tip to share with you from Jim Hunsaker who is going to share a tip on the power of time blocking.

Jim: Time blocking, I just got done with the interview series where I did 29 of the top real estate investors in the country. Many of them said its time blocking, specifically time blocking where you turn off your phone, you turn off your email, you turn off everything. There is an app for this that you can actually block your phone if you want to leave your phone on. It’s a called [email protected] It’s a free app or I think it’s even like a dollar a month, it’s very cheap. But it plays music during your time blocking.
The time blocking, I started doing it about a year ago for three hours a day, is what I shoot for. Sometimes I only get two. But literally no phone, no email, no computer or I’m not online, just whatever I’m working on. I get done in two or three hours, what used to be all day or two days sometimes when I was letting my text message or my phone ring. The email, the inbox is somebody else’s way to get into your life and you are letting them distract you constantly.

Who knows if it’s even something relevant to what you want to do with your life or what you are doing. But you are seeing an email and you are like, “Oh, let me go check that real quick.” And so turning all those distractions off and literally just focusing on something for two or three hours everyday has changed my life and changed my business. I’m able to hang out with my kids more often, I’m able to be home more often and still get just as much, if not more, accomplished because of time blocking.

Literally time blocking, shut it all off. And for me, I had to find a way for my wife to get a hold of me because it was a mental block. I have a private line at my office that only my wife knows the number to, that she can call during that time. Now she’s never called because there has never been an emergency. That for me was a way for me to turn everything off and get some stuff done. And I do it every day for at least two hours. It has literally changed my life and changed my business, very powerful stuff.

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