Flip Tip Summary

How to determine what you’re going to offer on a deal in 30 seconds? Imran Clark and Darrell Kucan share a quick tip on how to make quick offers. Check it out!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike Hambright: Hey, it’s Mike Hambright of Flipnerd.com. And we have a quick VIP tip to share with you Imran Clark and Darrell Kucan, whose going to tell us how to determine whether a deal is a deal or not within 30 seconds.

Man 1: So easy way to do this is you got to find your ARV and once you find your [CUTOFF] got 10% off your ARV. That 10% is going to include your holding cost, carrying cost, By SOB’s…

Man 2: Buy and sell.

Man 1: … buy and sell those kinds of things. So ARV.

Man 2: If you sell it yourself. If you hire an agent add another 3%.

Man 1: Add another 3%. So 13%. So take 10% off your ARV, then subtract your rehab costs, and in our situation we like to make profit of what we put into the rehab. So if it’s a $50,000 rehab we, love, like to see a $50,000 profit.

Man 2: Net, Net, Net.

Man 1: So ARV, minus 10%, minus rehab costs, minus profit, should equal your purchase price.

Man 2: Right. RIght.

Mike Hambright: Awesome.

Man 2: Unless it’s a really, really, really, easy rehab add more profit. Because you don’t want to buy a $500,000 house that you’re only going to make 10 grand on. So as a rule of thumb, kind of thing, and then re-slide it; like if you’re going into a higher end property, give yourself some more room. And you can work it backwards too; go 15% of your purchase price instead of 10% of your ARV. So what are you using about 15% of your purchase price, 10% of your ARV?

Man 3: Probably.

Man 2: It’s so close to what you end up really spending on purchase, carry, and resale costs, it’s, it’s right there every time.

Mike Hambright: Well that’s it. Thank you for joining us for another Flipnerd Flip Tip.

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