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Joakim Mortensen joins us today to share his excitement for what lies ahead for real estate investors. Real Estate as an asset class is still at it’s infancy, which means big things for investors. Listen in to hear more…only on FlipNerd.com

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike: Hey, it’s Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com and we have a quick expert tip and advice to share with you from Joakim Mortensen of Colony American Finance who’s going to share his thoughts on the exciting times ahead in the real estate investing industry.
Announcer: This expert tip is sponsored by RealtyMogul.com, B2R Finance and AceBusinessFunding.com.
Joakim: I’m assuming that if you’re on FlipNerd.com that you obviously have an interest in this industry. What I’m excited about is being part of what we describe as a new asset class, meaning that this residential investment is part of a new asset class that we are institutionalizing. We’re in the infancy. It’s still viewed as somewhat inefficient.
Inefficiency means that there’s going to be great buying opportunities. The way I see it, as we get more established then the market or this asset class becomes efficient, and as a result should bring more buyers, more players here, and obviously benefit overall the industry.
Mike: We’d like to thank Colony American Finance, National Real Estate Insurance Group and VirtualStaffNow.com.
Announcer: Please note the views and opinions expressed by the individuals in this program do not necessarily reflect those of FlipNerd.com or any of its partners, advertisers or affiliates. Please consult professionals before making any investment or tax decisions, as real estate investing can be risky.



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