Flip Tip Summary

Ken Corsini shares an awesome tip with us on how to generate more leads with handwritten postcards. Many of us tend to become robotic in our approach, which to sellers, makes us all look the same. Get this awesome tip in just 60 seconds…only on FlipNerd.com!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike: Hey, it’s Mike Hambright from flipnerd.com and we have a quick VIP tip to share with you from Ken Corsini, who’s going to share a really cool tip on how to use postcards to generate leads.
Ken: All right so, quick tip for you. We’ve tried different types of postcard campaigns to find motivated sellers. We’ve done the slick thing, where the post card is glossy, and it’s professional writing. But what we’ve found here in the last so many months is that our best response rate comes from postcards that are handwritten. Literally, I take a sharpie, I handwrite the message, “We’ll close in five days. We’ll buy your house.” I usually put something about being on the BBB and then we put our phone number.
And obviously, we’re not handwriting all of these post cards. We’re sending them to a printer and the printer is sending them out. But our response rate has been much higher on cards that are hand written versus ones that have a slick, professional look. I think a lot of people take those ones and just dump them in the trash. Where the handwritten ones stand out, they take the time to read it. And so, the last post card campaign we sent out we got 2.5% response rate, which for us is fantastic.
Mike: Yeah, awesome.
Ken: Hope that helps.
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