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The legendary Jack Shea joins us today to discuss how to simplify your tax returns by using trusts, to completely get your real estate off your tax return…other than a line item. Trusts are a powerful tool for real estate investors, if you use them properly. Check out this Flip Tip on FlipNerd.com!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike: Hey, It’s Mike Hambright with FlipNerd.com, and we have a quick tip to share with you from Jack Shea, who’s going to share a tip on how to get real estate off your tax return.

Jack: That’s part of the secrets that we give up in these classes, Mike, that people can get real estate off their tax return into a trust column where all the Schedule E’s, for example, are merged into one trust, and it’s reported as the Hambright Trust, Uncle Harry Trust. And it’s all segued; it’s all in one line on the back of a schedule E by using K-1s and LLCs.

Mike: And how would somebody go about finding an accountant that could help with that, Jack?

Jack: We have a chart in the trust book, and we show you how in the class that you have the beneficial interest of each trust goes to an LLC.

Mike: Okay.

Jack: Okay? And each, say you had 20 houses. 20 house K-1s pour into the Hambright Family Trust. And so it’s 240,000, that’s a number, it’s one line on your tax return, no rents, no maintenance, no repairs, no depreciation. But all of that is back-up information in the K-1. Nothing illegal. People do it, and it’s a trick that you have to get in the tent to learn about it. It’s a strategy, I’d say.

Mike: Sure, sure.

Jack: Sound okay?

Mike: That sounds great. I’m just going to give you a link here, because I know it’s complicated, so go to JackSheaRealEstate.com. And Jack has more information, a lifetime of lessons of how to use trusts. Thank you, Jack.

Jack: And mistakes, many mistake.

Mike: Yes.

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