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Patrick Precourt joins us today to share a great tip on how to increase performance in every area of your life by 100%. These 3 steps will help you increase performance, but only if you’re committed!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike: Hey, it’s Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com and we have a quick Expert Tip to share with you from Patrick Precourt who’s going to share some advice on how to increase your performance in all areas of your life by a 100% or more.
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Patrick: Hey Mike, thanks. Hey listen, guys and gals, got a really great tip. This starts us down the path of self-mastery. So what I want to talk about is competing and being a true competitor. We’ll start with the idea that it’s easy for us to get caught up competing with others and I’m here to share the idea that that’s probably one of the worst things we can possibly do.
However, being a competitor allows us to advance us and increase our performance as fast as it is humanly possible. Start with the idea of competing, what happens? When we compete with someone else, we start trying to play their game, we try to conform, we try to be like them, when in fact we’re designed to be unlike them. And the challenge with competing with someone else is our goal is to do everything they’re doing, just a little better, be like them. And we’re no longer improving upon who we are and who we are meant to be. A competitor approaches it completely different. A true competitor competes with one person, that’s themselves, you and I from yesterday.
Here’s a quick little tip Mike, you’ll appreciate this. If you want to improve your performance in all areas of your life, you have to start by identifying exactly, with clarity, what it is you want to improve. Don’t just tell me you want to improve. Be clear. Do you want to improve your relationship with you husband or wife? Do you want to improve your relationship with you kids? Do you want to improve the amount of money you deposit in your bank account? The amount of time you take off from work? What is it specifically that you want to improve? Number one, be clear on what the improvement is.
Number two, pick a way to track it. Pick some tangible ways that you can improve upon it. Maybe with the relationship with your wife, maybe you say what I’m going to do is I’m going to strive to make my wife laugh three times today. Do something silly like that, whatever it may be. Because I’m not a funny guy, but if I did that my wife would laugh her ass off because I’m not a funny guy, right? And that would improve our relationship. Whatever it may be. Money is very tangible, money is a measurable thing. Weight loss, going to the gym, whatever it is. Jot down a way improve it, a way to track it.
Number three, commit to improving all of these pieces 1% a day. Now, think about this Mike. If I said, listen Mike, you earned $100 yesterday, I need you to earn $101 dollars today. Could you do that?
Mike: Absolutely.
Patrick: That’s a baby step. A very small step, easy to do. Watch what happens though. A mere three months and a couple of weeks later, you’ve improved your life 100% in all areas that you were committed to doing so. Let me end this tip with this, this only works to the degree that you are committed to the results and outcomes. Commitment is broken into the normal definition of commitment, but also the word discipline. The two come into play.
Commitment, by my definition, you do whatever it takes, no matter what. Very simple. That’s the level of commitment I expect of you and nothing less. And then the discipline execute, discipline is very simple because let’s face it, we’re not always pumped up and jacked up to do what we have to do. Discipline is doing what you have to do when you have to do it and here’s the kicker, even though you don’t want to.
Mike: Yeah.
Patrick: When you put that together with doing whatever it takes no matter what, be clear on the outcomes you want, measure it along the way, 1% a day, three months two weeks, you’re 100% better.
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