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Koko Kelejian joins to share a simple tip for helping you discover potential deals on new MLS listings. It’s short and sweet…check it out…only on FlipNerd!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike: Hey, it’s Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com and we have a quick Expert Tip to share with you from Koko Keledjian, who is going to share a tip on lead generation via first day MLS search.

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Koko: Yeah, Mike. So we set up a first day MLS search for some of the higher end price prescripted homes in our areas. So what we’ll do is, we’ll find those areas and we’ll map them out. Let’s say if those things are selling at let’s say $300 a square foot plus, what we’ll do is, we’ll set up a search for everything under let’s say 250 and below and so on. And so whenever an agent lists that property, we’re going to get an email ASAP, right there and then.

And so that notifies us that we need to look on that property, we look at the property, see what lot size is, and see what the house looks like to see if we can add square footage because that’s an area that we want to target. And we’re going to call that agent up immediately and 9 times out of 10 we’ll tell him “Hey, can you write this offer for us, raw cash, etcetera” and then hopefully we’ll get that property.

Mike: Awesome. So it’s a great way to be notified of deals that are marketed under value essentially?

Koko: Exactly. And so typically they’re fixer uppers or there is some issue with the property and it’s way lower than everything else that’s selling in that neighborhood so I want to know about that ASAP.

Mike: We’d like to thank Specialized IRA Services, National Real Estate Insurance Group, and virtualstaffnow.com.

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