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There’s a super powerful tool that can help more people find you online…and it only takes a few minutes to get it set up. Heck, it’s even free! David Corbaley tells us more in today’s FlipNerd.com Flip Tip!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike Hambright: Hey, it’s Mike Hambright of FlipNerd.com, and we have a Quick VIP Tip to share with you from David Corbaley, who’s going to share a tip on the power of local listings for your real estate business.

David Corbaley: Hey, guys. So think about this. When you need a dentist or a chiropractor or auto repair or something like that, you go online and you search Google for a local dentist or whatever it is. You see different results, but one of the biggest things that you look for are the local listings. And those are the listings that have the little map icons next to them and even ratings, right? So you see how many stars they have and we look at the stars. Well, this one’s got four stars and 26 reviews. That’s pretty good. Oh, this one’s got one star. I’m not going to call them, right?
You can do the same thing with your real estate business. Most people have no clue about this. What you can do is go to Google and set up a Google account. Just go to Google.com, set up an account, and then set up a Google + page. Once you have a Google+ account set up, and you can go to Google and do a search, you want to set up a Google+ business listing.
So it’s a Google+ business listing. You don’t need a website or anything like that. It’s great if you have one. So you set up Google+ business listing, you’re going to fill out all the content about your business, your business address, what you do, the categories of you business and things like that, and then you will actually have a local business listing on Google, just like dentists and doctors and lawyers do.
Now, the next step is to get that thing to show up. You’re not going to see any real estate related ones because nobody is doing it yet. So what you need to do is add regular content to this business page by maybe putting some photos on it regularly or typing some content on it regularly, just like you would. Learn about Google+. That’s going to help you a lot, but use that Google+ business page and you can actually show up in searches just like a dentist or a doctor or anything else. There are ways to get the ratings and all of that, too. Just do some research on Google and you’ll find out how to do that.

Mike: Hey, David, real fast, what if people work out of their home? What do they do?

David: You can actually set it up and you can put in your home address. There’s a way that you can make your address not visible and that’s an option in there. Great question. So yeah, you can remain private but you need to put your address in there. People just won’t see it.

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