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In this FlipNerd.com Flip Tip, Justin Wilmot shares a tip on how to find Virtual Assistant’s via Fiverr, and use those VA’s to help you in your lead generation efforts. Check it out!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike Hambright: Hey. It’s Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com and we have a quick VIP tip to share with you from Justin Wilmont, who is going to share advice on outsourcing your lead generation.

Justin Wilmont: So one of the things we do which is great for newbie people and this is also good for seasoned investors that haven’t implemented anybody into their business yet. And this is a very simple way to, at least, get the ball rolling and get comfortable with outsourcing something. And that is to go to www.Fiverrcom. Some people may or may not be familiar with that. Type in virtual assistant in the keyword search. Just like in any other site there is a keyword search. Another option you can type in is internet research and data entry. Let’s stick with the virtual assistant example. Type that in and there is three tabs on the left hand corner and there is going to be most rated, top rated, and brand new gigs. What we found is most people go to the guy that has the best feedback from everybody. So if you think of Angie’s List or anything like that, that’s what people do as well.
With Fiverr, the problem with going with people that are top rating is that they’re very busy. So, if you outsource a task to them, let’s say you’re going to give them a property address and their job is to find out recently sold properties around that address, do a reverse look up, and to get you the phone number of that owner so that you guys can make a cold call to them. That is a great task to outsource to somebody, but you don’t want to give that task to someone that is very busy, somebody that’s top rated, somebody that’s a five star person that’s pretty stoked on how they’re doing on Fiverr. So, the option is to go ahead and do a little trial and error. Go to the people that just created a brand new gig. And I’ll tell you, they’ll actually tell you what country they’re from. Not trying to profile, I’m just trying to say that I’ve had better experience with people from certain countries. Anybody that just created a gig and their typically from the Philippines or the U.S., I would give those guys a shot first. Go ahead and write down the task very simply and clearly on a Word document. Give it to them. You send it to them, there’s a little contact thing. Send it to them and say these are the tasks that I would like you to perform for five dollars.
A lot of these guys will do two hours work of work for five bucks. That’s $2.50 an hour and it makes a million mile difference for yourself because now you’re taking yourself out of all of this equation, which in all reality, this stuff is not always fun and sexy. Lead generations, which stopped a lot of new people from doing what they should be doing to get going. So if you don’t like it, outsource it for five dollars. So go ahead give them the tasks. When they respond back and say yes, I can definitely do this for you. Go ahead and hit the submit button and purchase the order and see how they do. If they suck and they don’t give it back to you in time, move on to the next new person from the Philippines or the U.S. And eventually, you will find somebody that gave it to you on time, friendly, and did really quality work. And when that happens, guess what? You’ve just found yourself a virtual assistant. Let them know that you want them on your team. And whatever you do from there, if you go outside of Fiverr with them or whatever, you can pay people through PayPal for the hours that they work. Or, you can continue to use Fiverr and pay for the gigs there. But you just found yourself a virtual assistant. You’ve just found yourself a way to make leeway in the business without doing things you don’t want to do and that’s a little special tip.

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