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Many real estate investors shy away from working with real estate agents. However, most real estate in America comes through Agents, and they regularly see investment grade properties as well. Garrett Zander joins us today to share how and why you should work with real estate agents to buy more properties, and why you have nothing to lose! Check out this FlipNerd.com Expert Tip!

Flip Tip Transcript:

Mike: Hey, it’s Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com and we have a quick Expert Tip to share with you from Garrett Zander, who’s going to share a tip on how to work with real estate agents to find deals in your market.

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Garrett: I get a lot of people talking about not enough money for lead generation. Well, I found a way to generate leads that doesn’t cost money and that is dealing with local agents. A quick way to get a contact with an agent is just Google. Agents have their name and number out there because they want to be found. So Google real estate office in wherever market you’re in and find their website. Usually on their website, they have an agent roster. Just find that roster, find their phone number and call them up.

Say, “Hey, my name is Garrett Zander. I’m a cash buyer in the market. I’m looking for fixer properties. Oh, you don’t have any right now? Well, can you save my information?” Of course, they’re going to say yes but then you want to get their email address from them. Once you get their email address, you want to start saving that email address. Eventually, you can start to email them, on a consistent basis, reminding them who you are.

Just go down a list and do that every day until you run out of agents in your market. I mean, in my market, I think we have like 10,000 agents, so it would take forever. But just do it until you find that agent or the agents that are going to help you.

Mike: Awesome, awesome. That’s a great advice. I think a lot of it–

Garrett: It doesn’t cost anything. I’m sorry to interrupt. It just doesn’t cost anything and that’s what people want to complain about. If you just take the time to do it. It cost you time but that’s . . . time is of course important but if you don’t have any money, you have time. So use your time to make money.

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