Anthony & Candace Coffey has gone from sleeping on the floor to a 10 million dollar real estate portfolio in just 8 years. They’ve built an amazing business in a midwest city through humble hardworking and strategic relationships.

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Dylan: In less than eight years, they’ve gone from sleeping on the floor to a 10 million real estate portfolio. Welcome to Real Estate Investing

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Dylan: Hey guys, super excited to be here today with Anthony and Candace Coffee. How are you guys doing today? We’re doing great.

Anthony: How are you? Fantastic. Thanks for having us.

Dylan: Yeah, super excited to be here.

Dylan: So since I’ve taken over the FlipNerd Podcast, this is the first time I’ve actually had a couple on with me and what better couple could I have than you guys?

Anthony: Oh yeah. I love it. Thank you. Thank you for having us.

Dylan: Yeah, for sure. So in, uh, in, in over 1500 shows, uh, on the FlipNerd podcast, we’re back again with another hard-hitting, super informational, but inspirational podcast cuz we’re gonna talk about today how Anthony and Candace started with, with literally nothing and have built up to a 10 million real estate portfolio in a relatively short period of time.

Dylan: So let’s start off, um, by, let’s just talk about where you guys do. How you’re doing business today, and then, and then we’ll kind of dig in deeper after that.

Candace: We’re based out of Kansas City, Missouri. We do a little bit of everything with real estate from wholesaling, the flipping to short-term rentals, long-term rentals, you name it, we do it.

Anthony: Yeah. We really found our niche, um, in the real estate industry. We’re a a solutions based company and so we really, uh, we do, we spend a lot of money on direct to seller market. and we really try to solve, uh, distressed sellers in some way, shape or form, solve, uh, solutions. Win-win solutions for everybody.

Anthony: That’s, that’s basically what we’ve been doing the past eight years. Um, direct to seller marketing. Uh, try to create win-win solutions for everybody. We do business.

Candace: We wanna be the number one like people to call in Kansas City.

Anthony: That is our goal. Yeah. Our goal is to be omnipresent and help, uh, each homeowner, um, with their real estate needs.

Dylan: Well, I think you guys are doing a good job of that. I, it’s kinda u unfair for me because I’ve known you guys for a few years now, so I’ve watched you guys grow a little bit, um, even in just a few years I’ve known you. And as far as branding goes, I know hundreds of real estate investors across the country, and you guys work harder on your company’s branding than just about anybody who I know.

Dylan: You know, from your trucks, you guys have an office. I know that you guys also have, Candace has a real estate license, so you guys can focus, um, on a seller and really, like you said, become omnipresent. And I think a lot of investors kind of forget about that and don’t think about building a brand where I’m sure at this point it started to help you guys.

Dylan: Um, so let’s, let’s back up a little bit. You talked about, uh, before we got on the show that, that you guys started basically, you know, sleeping on a mattress at, at your sister’s house, Candace, right? So how did you guys Sister well, and yeah, so that’s even more confusing for poor Anthony, but how, how did you guys, how did you guys go from, from that point to the mindset that, hey, we’re entrepreneurs, we’re, we wanna build something big?

Dylan: And I know you guys wanna build much bigger than you already are, but you’ve already had a ton of success. But why don’t you take us back to the back in around 2014 when you guys first got bit by that entrepreneurial real estate bug.

Anthony: It’s, uh, very interesting because when we first started out, I didn’t know anything about real estate.

Anthony: I didn’t even know what a deed was. Um, but, you know, you know, Candace and I were just, got married, just had a baby.

Candace: I was a leasing agent at the time, leasing apartment complexes.

Anthony: I didn’t know anything about anything. I just knew I had to provide and support and I was paranoid. And yeah, the goal was just to do a couple houses a year, um, and just keep that in rotation and, and it just started to snowball.

Anthony: Then every dollar that came into the organization, we went right back into marketing real estate or our lenders. Um, but yeah, we’re, we’re, we’re in this for the long haul. That’s why every dollar goes right back into marketing or customer relations or lender relations or or he, he

Candace: came back from Afghanistan not really knowing what he wanted to do.

Candace: So we kind of just, Like, we’re like, well, we’re all in. We’re gonna just go for it. Yeah. I mean,

Anthony: educate ourselves. I was always the blue collar worker. I was a union power line worker, personal training. Um, did concrete. I always paid my time for money, which is what I, uh, raised on, but I just never really never get anything for me.

Anthony: You know, I wasn’t excited. And then, We went to a three day little seminar for real estate, learned how to do that. Like, man, this is awesome. And so we just dove head in or feet first, or whatever that saying is, uh, burned the boats. And then just, I mean, I just got obsessed. And so from that eight years ago, I mean, I’ve just been a hundred percent all in.

Anthony: Um, no, no plan B, no nothing.

Dylan: Yeah. And, and I mean, that’s, that’s the way it’s, it’s gotta be if you wanna be successful a lot of times, um, and, and it’s different for everybody. But, um, Anthony, first of all, we, we all appreciate your service, so we, we thank you for that. Thank you. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for guys and, uh, and ladies, um, who’ve served, uh, our country like you guys have.

Dylan: So we appreciate that very, very much. Thanks sir. And so, so when you got back from Afghanistan and not totally knowing what you wanted to do, knowing that you can’t trade you, you’re not gonna become wealthier, maybe even happy trading, uh, Hours for dollars. Even. There’s, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Dylan: It’s noble to, to work in those, in those jobs, in those professions. But take us through that, those first couple years, a lot of the people who listen are subscribers who listen or watch this, this show are, um, are getting started in real estate investing. Right. Or they’re doing a couple deals a year and, and not sure how to get over that hump.

Dylan: So how did you guys go from zero deals in the first year to, to where you guys started to actually feel that I’ve got this thing figured out.

Anthony: We still don’t have it figured out though. Well, we’re getting, we’re getting closer. I mean, joining a mastermind was really beneficial, um, before joining the Mastermind.

Anthony: You know, being an entrepreneur, entrepreneur, it’s, it’s really lonely. A lot of people can relate. It’s lonely. It’s a lonely path. You can’t really rely on anybody. You can’t really talk to anybody. And so before we joined, uh, investor Fuel, um, we really didn’t know what we were doing really as far as like trying to scale in business.

Anthony: We knew we were doing a couple houses a year, but we wanted to do it, treat it like a business, but we weren’t really treating it like a business. So after uh, we got around, uh, these other high level investors, we started learning from them. We started copying them. So really it was just being around. Other people doing it a couple times, 10 of you where you can just learn from them Because we,

Candace: we could set goals and things that we wanted to, you know, strive to be and do.

Anthony: Yeah. Cause before we joined the Mastermind, we were just, like I said, just doing, barely getting by a couple houses here. Our marketing wasn’t there. We weren’t tracking KPIs, we weren’t treating it like a

Candace: business. We just got a system. Crm.

Anthony: So, yeah, I mean, we didn’t, again, we didn’t know anybody. We didn’t have anybody to rely on.

Anthony: So I would just say joining the masterminding was really what helped us level go from level one to level two to level three. Uh, just because you can compare notes and see what everybody else is doing and, and, and take what you would you find, uh, beneficial.

Candace: This helped. Like being social and talking about the business and learning that, okay, other people aren’t doing marketing, but what if we did the marketing?

Candace: What if we did branding? Maybe, maybe it’ll bring us more deals so we can cut down on cost, on like paying for outbound marketing and things like that. For,

Anthony: but for people starting out, I would definitely recommend going to your local meetups, seeing someone who’s doing it, uh, who’s been doing it for a little bit longer than you, someone who’s maybe a step or two ahead of.

Anthony: Putting content

Candace: out

Anthony: there has been really important. That’s it. Cause we, when we, when we did this thing, we did it all by ourselves. Yes. We didn’t, we didn’t reach out to anybody. We just read all the books. We failed probably more than anybody else. I remember

Candace: not even knowing how to pull a list and talking , I think it was Mike, like, uh, Mike, and ask him all these questions and he was sending me all these videos to watch.

Candace: He was like, wait, what is skip tracing?

Anthony: We didn’t know anything about anything, so I learned

Candace: a lot where Right when

Anthony: we joined. Yeah, so it was just really beneficial. We were just flies on the wall and then people were like, hell, what do we need help with? I was like, we don’t even know ,

Dylan: we’re trying to do it all.

Dylan: I, I remember the, I, it was one of the first nights you guys were there because we were up kind of like at that high rise. And, and I talked to you guys and, um, I was like, yeah, right. And I was like, man, I, these guys are gonna be awesome, you know? And I remember you’re like, we don’t even know like what to start with and we’re doing this and doing that, but you were already doing business because you know, you make it happen people, so like you’re gonna dig in and like, I don’t know, Missouri is still the Midwest, right?

Dylan: Like I get confused with Detroit and Missouri and Chicago, but like, I always tell people, people from Detroit, like we change our own breaks, right? That’s like our mentality. So like people from Missouri, like you guys are the same way. Gritty. Like we’re, we’re gonna go to work, right? And we’re gonna make it happen, but it doesn’t need mean, it has to be our knuckles that we’re breaking to do it.

Dylan: So getting in that mastermind and. I talked to a lot of newer real estate investors and I explained to them, you may not be at a point where you’re gonna fly around the country multiple times a year and spend 20, $30,000 on your real estate education or business or, or growing that network yet because you’re not there.

Dylan: But you could have a mastermind group right at home and, and today with Zoom or, I mean, you know, we’re talking to each other from across the country right now, right? Yeah, and you, you have to have that support system because being a solopreneur is, it is lonely. And if you don’t, you guys have built-in partners, but for those who don’t, and even though you guys have built-in partners, that means you’re probably thinking alike a lot of the time.

Dylan: So you need someone to challenge you and to say, Hey, here’s what we’re doing different, or Here’s what you can do, because then your mind gets expanded just exponentially when you start seeing people. At Investor Fuel as an example, and you’re like, wait a minute, if that guy Dylan can do it. Like gimme a break.

Dylan: Like we can do this too. Yeah. It’s exactly what it was. Right, so, so the Mastermind principle’s huge.

Candace: Yes, for sure. So like I remember when we first started out, I mean, we were sleeping on a mattress. I just found out I was pregnant. and we were at my sister’s house sleeping on the floors and he was like, it’s do or die.

Candace: I’m not gonna sink. Like we are going to do this. And we ended up just starting to like buy more houses and then join the mastermind and then figured out that branding was really important. So that’s why we now do billboards and tv. in movie theaters. Um, you know, we do all the branding that a lot of other companies don’t do cuz we want people to come to us and see that we’re credible

Anthony: right out the gate.

Anthony: You know, it was really a game changer, was really knowing who you are as an investor, what value you can bring to the. You know that you know who you are and you can just, but it took me a long time to realize, realize who we were as a company, what value we could bring. Obviously the goal is profit and you gotta buy houses as as possible, but out outside of that, if you get past that, like, all right, what’s the value I can truly bring to the lender, the homeowner, the seller, the buyer, the title, everybody you’re doing business with, that’s where you can, you know where you’re the game changer at.

Anthony: You’re the rainmaker. You know what

Dylan: I. Yeah, we’re, we’re the ones who create the transactions and actually do them, and everybody is kind of on the sidelines waiting for us to do something. Um, so, you know, I’ve always looked at, it’s like 12, 13, 14, 15, maybe transactions happen because of one transaction, you know, a decision that we make as investors.

Dylan: Yeah. So, so you’re right, like once you have that unique selling proposition in your head, , we wanna buy low, we wanna fix, we wanna sell high if we’re fixing and flipping, or we wanna buy low and sell off to other investors. If we’re wholesaling, it is profit driven. But if, you know, if you know that value, like you said Anthony, then it just makes it that much easier to show people who you are.

Dylan: And again, you know, like the branding you guys are doing, you know, let’s talk a little bit about that. So, since you guys have, have branded in a, in a much bigger sense than 99.9% of investors out there, What have you seen, um, or what have your acquisition folks seen walking into houses, uh, when people already know who you.

Candace: The first thing they say is, where’s the little girl

Anthony: at ?

Dylan: We have daughter, this, this is from your TV commercial, right?

Candace: Yeah, our billboard. We, we have the family

Anthony: on here, so it’s, it’s very interesting. Uh, there’s a few stories we could talk about, but, um, I mean we’re, we like to be, we don’t consider other investors in our marketplace as competition.

Anthony: We don’t have a scarcity, so we talk to other local investors and. It’ll be funny cuz they’ll be on their appointments and then the sellers will have their TV on and our commercial pop up and they’ll just, oh, we like these guys and . So that’s always funny hearing those stories. And then, um, just for just, you know, having the office and the brand and the logos and all that stuff.

Anthony: I mean, people come into the office all the time, contractor sellers. Heck, we just locked up a house four, uh, four weeks ago that we just put on the market last. Um, the seller literally just walked in. We bought for 1 74, put 20 grand into it, and we’re, it’s on the market for 180 7 right now, or 2 87. I’m sorry.

Anthony: I was like, what? 2 87. I’m sorry. That was just a walkin from the, from the office, you know what I mean? So we get at least two walk-ins a month. I mean, contractors are always coming in, people are always calling us. People are always calling us. And so, People

Candace: recognize us. I’ll be driving cause I have that sticker on my car that says scan to see what I do and they’ll scan it and then they’ll drive right behind me.

Candace: We’re

Anthony: just be like, I’ve seen you. We’re just way more, way more credible now, uh, compared to the marketplace. Uh, when people, when we walk in, people already know us. They already, I mean, they’re like, I see you

Candace: everywhere. I see you on billboard. I get your postcards. You guys called me like, I’ve seen you guys everywhere.

Candace: There’s no running from you guys.

Anthony: Yeah. So it’s just a sense of credibility and, um, You know, those, those three levels of people are gonna do business with you. They have to know you, like you and trust you. And it all automatically brings a couple of those down just by having that content out there and the market.

Anthony: So yeah, when our acquisition goes in there, whoever goes in there, it’s really not that much work to do cause they already trust them, the brand already out there relay and be personable and, uh, add value to.

Dylan: Yeah, I, I always like to call it resistance free selling. So the way I explain it is the, the more credibility that you have.

Dylan: And some, we have websites and, and magazines or, or booklets, like all the stuff that we talk about right inside the Mastermind and just, you know, separately, I. You never know what’s gonna change that person’s mind. But I want that hurdle to be a tiny speed bump because when I finally get there, or one of my acquisition people gets there, like you said, it, it’s an easy close and it’s not even a close.

Dylan: We’ve showed ’em the value that we’re gonna bring. They’re in a situation where they need to use one of our services, and it just happens. Instead of like, you know, going back to 2014 and 15 like Ram rotting it through and like, oh man, cold calling and like, again, nothing wrong with all that stuff, but you remember doing that.

Dylan: Yeah, you, you guys are talking about, you know, I know, I know your business. I much more intimately than the the public because I’m in the mastermind with you guys. So you’re talking about having 40 or 50 doors in a short period of time, because I remember when you weren’t buying rentals yet, right? And that was one of, one of your goals or to increase, increase your door count, and then 10 or 20 contracts a month.

Dylan: I mean, those are big numbers. A lot of investors, I mean, let’s be honest, at the local Rio right now, if, if one’s going on tonight, 10 or 20 deals a year, It’s hard to find investors doing, you know, five or six investors in a room doing that in a normal Midwest city, like where you guys are from or where I’m from.

Dylan: So you guys have have cranked it up.

Candace: Like what we’re seeing is it’s really hard to buy in like market out in Kansas. They have different laws and regulations and things like that. So, You know, now we’re starting to buy in that area. When before we weren’t buying in that area cause we couldn’t really market to it.

Candace: But now people are actually reaching out from our marketing in the areas that you can’t really market, which is really cool cause that’s where the real money is out there. .

Dylan: So when Candace, when, when you say you can’t mar I’m, I don’t mean to, um, but you can’t do like, um, and Trump, but why can’t you mark it when you’re singing?

Dylan: Like

Candace: you’re not really supposed to like pull list from there and like you can’t cold call. You can’t. Do certain things out in Kansas. I think the public data is, the public data is the foreclosure free foreclosures? You can, sure. Yeah. So now we’re actually starting to see an influx of like properties and homeowners wanting to like, reach out to us to buy their houses, um, from a different state.

Candace: Well, Kansas.

Dylan: Sure, because you, you guys intentionally put yourself in front of them. And it’s funny you guys talk about that cuz I’m like, are you guys from St. Louis or ki like, I don’t even know where you guys are from. We all get confused cuz there’s like that little cluster right there. But, but no seriousness though.

Dylan: St. Louis

Anthony: by St. Louis

Dylan: too. Yeah. So, you know, Kansas, Kansas City, St. Louis. I don’t know. I get, I just know you guys are supposed to have better barbecue than, than like the rest of the, the country. But you guys are intentionally putting yourself in those, in those places with your marketing so that people are tripping over it and they’re, and they’re seeing you and finding you.

Dylan: And, you know, let’s face it, if somebody sees you on tv, I don’t, you know, I, you guys are younger than me, but I don’t know what generation, let’s call it our kids generation. , is it? Is it their generation who sees us 20 years from now on TV and goes, ah, tv, that’s nothing. But today, the average person who’s still, I don’t know, I gotta say, even in their twenties, if they see you on TV with a commercial, they’re like, all right, these guys are making it because you can’t afford to be on TV and and, and not be making it.

Dylan: Right. Right. So I think, I think that adds to your credibility. Huge. And, and also I’m sure your average seller, my average seller was around 63, um, last time I checked. So 63 year olds, yeah, they watch tv. Still are there certainly aware that TV was where the, you know, where, where the most successful people would advertise.

Dylan: So, um, yeah, that’s super exciting. ,

Candace: everyone drives their car, everyone sees our sign. And if they’ve seen us on tv, then they see like a billboard. If they’re immediately like, I’m Googling. So we’re PPC has just gone through the roof.

Anthony: Yeah. We’re focusing more on, um, the inbound leads. Mm-hmm. versus outbound leads.

Anthony: Sure. And so that’s been helping out a lot. And

Candace: our meetups, like the meetups that we just started doing is bringing in like a lot of d. Like deals, um, people, contractors, lenders, lenders, um, educating people.

Anthony: Our last meetup, we have a verbal, um, private lenders. Mm-hmm. , I mean, she wants, she has about seven up.

Anthony: She has a million dollar building paid off and wants to line. Uh, I mean, it just, people, like I said, just people wanna do business with they if they know you like you and, um, trust you and if they resonate with you, you know what I mean?

Dylan: Of, of course. So going back to the meetups, uh, meetups have been a huge part of my business since a long, long time ago.

Dylan: 10 years before you guys were in business, unfortunately, right? I started going to meetups in like oh three and started my own in oh five. Um, so, so when you guys are talking about meetups and like it’s, it, they’ve changed a lot, so I know what you guys are doing, but why don’t you guys explain how simple, not, not super simple, but how simple it is to put something together and to be seen as the go-to investors in your area with your meetup.

Anthony: Well, we, um, it was, we got the idea from other investors at the Investor fuel idea and, you know, we’ve been doing it for a couple of months. It was a happy hour, um, idea. Yeah,

Candace: we started doing it like bars and everything, but it got little too noisy.

Anthony: It was too noisy. We couldn’t really talk to anybody, so we found a spot where it’s private.

Anthony: We’re paying a little tiny bit of money each. But we’re also, we’re, we’re doing a little bit different than most people we’re providing. We’re

Candace: kinda educating people too, a little bit. And like we have goals of like, what we want our meetup to kind of be.

Anthony: Um, so I’m spending a couple hundred bucks on food and alcohol or bringing people in here.

Anthony: Um, but then we’re also, it’s a private, just private environment. It’s outside and inside. It’s very nice. , but we’re trying to create a group in an environment where people can come talk real estate, be open, learn a little bit, and we might actually start, move that into like a, maybe an education space or, or something.

Candace: Yeah. What we found is most of the people that come to the events really wanna learn what we’re doing. Like they’re coming to meet us and to ask us questions. And we want to be able to an like, answer those questions for them. Um, , eventually we would want to bring like some people from investor fuel to kind of do like a panel, um, you know, down the line and kind of just give back to all the newer people that wanna get started and just tell our story to everybody and basically, you know, whoever wants to do this business where the people to kind of ask.

Anthony: Yeah. Cause we, I mean at the bars and stuff, it was just too loud. We couldn’t really focus on anybody. And when we, when we do put our stuff out there, we are noticing people just wanna come talk to us. So it’s, it’s a little, it’s more of a smaller people, like surround us in like a circle. Tight knit. Yeah.

Anthony: We’re still, it’s still developing and stuff like that, but I mean, you know, we’re still trying to see how it develops and where it

Dylan: goes and, yeah. It’s, it’s like you turn yourself into a Capri Sun and they put a straw in your head and just suck it dry. Believe me, I know. I’ve been, I’ve been, I’ve been cornered for years, right?

Dylan: As soon as I shut my computer, I’m done with my presentation. They’re like, sh. I’m like, listen. I’m like, I’m just, I’m the, I’m the last guy you wanna take advice from? I mean, joking, of course, but it, it is a, like, it’s a, it’s a cool place to be because you can, you can share literally just sharing what you guys did.

Dylan: Like, you’re like, there’s no magic. It’s, it’s like, it’s your recipe. It’s Candace and Anthony’s recipe. But other than a couple like really cool ideas, what we’re doing is just kind of bolting a bunch of stuff together and seeing what works for the market for our personal marketing. Right. Like what, what we’re comfortable doing.

Dylan: Yeah. And um, you know, going back to your meetup stuff, uh, you know, whenever, whenever you guys wanna chat, like, I’m happy to share. Meet up tricks. I have ideas, whatever, like collab, you know, in any way, shape, or form.

Anthony: We need those. We

Dylan: need. Yeah, well you guys, you know, so one thing you did, right? Like, so we do some stuff at bars like that too, but it’s, it’s way more for like keeping like, I don’t know, conversations go in.

Dylan: Yeah. It’s almost like they’re coming there to hang out. Whereas when you kind of close those doors a little bit, people start looking at you at, in a different light. You know what I mean? And, and they’re paying more attention. So there’s kind of two different ways to look at it. They’re like, whatcha are you talking

Candace: about today?

Candace: Like,

Dylan: whoa. Right, right. Are we talking about, or you can just have a, a giant mixer and invite all the agents, all the titled people, all the mortgage people, and you guys put it on. But I don’t know what, you know, it depends on which one’s more effective for you. I kinda like the, the more serious one, because I just think you can kind of get in deeper in a shorter period of time.

Dylan: But it works both ways. You know, we know guys and girls who are doing it both ways. It just depends on. Sometimes the size of your organization too. You know, a lot of these people we know doing this. They have a, a, a manager for this, and their job making 40, 50, 60 grand a year is just to make connections.

Dylan: And just be, make people love your company. So it’s like, okay, you know, that that’s a, that’s, that’s a big leap for, for a lot of investors out there. But you know, again, like going from where, where you guys started to where you’re at today, you know, is a, is was a huge leap and it’s a testament to, you know, your business ability and all that other stuff, um, that goes along with it.

Dylan: So, um, when you first started, like what, what type of transactions were you guys doing?

Anthony: Just cash. Well, um, I started with my twin brother and he had some money in the bank and uh, so we would just buy, we had no marketing, so we were buying off MLS and they weren’t home run deals, so Right. We bought, bought first few deals, were off the MLS and I think.

Anthony: Uh, we made like five grand here, seven grand there. They were so

Candace: excited. I remember that first deal. Yeah. Yeah. So excited walking through that house like five or six

Anthony: times. Oh yeah. I first couple years this MLS, we really didn’t do any marketing. I tried a few different things and after we joined investor pool, we realized what we needed to do and check our KPIs, marketing and actually business cause.

Anthony: We were by ourself. We were on the road by ourself. We didn’t have anybody to, uh, lean on. We were just buying cash.

Candace: We were just like using cash, buy this. We had, yeah, here’s our cash offer. This is our only offer that we

Anthony: knew of. Had my brother, my brother’s private capital, and then, uh, we were starting to, uh, raise other private capital and get our name out there.

Anthony: Um,

Dylan: and money. What was your exit strategy at that point? Just rehabbing, fixing and flipping, or were you guys sailing? Yeah. Yeah. Rehabbing. So you guys were buying, fixing and flipping? When I, when I

Anthony: heard about the Renn model the strategy. I’m like, why would anybody wanna do this for 300 bucks a month? I’m

Dylan: kidding.

Dylan: The, the slow man way to become a millionaire.

Anthony: Oh, I realized it took me a year. So we didn’t start holding properties until like year five or something like that. Is that

Candace: like the second, like the second year in investor fuel?

Anthony: Yeah. We’re like, all right, I think we need to start home some properties.

Dylan: Mm-hmm.

Dylan: Right, right. Everyone else is, yeah. Being, being transactional is cool, like getting outta your job and, and getting the business started. But at a certain point it gets a little bit old because, um, you know, you gotta, you gotta keep finding deals and, and as soon as that money’s comes back in, it’s getting spent on another deal.

Dylan: Right. Yeah. So [00:25:00] there’s, there’s never a way to quit. So you guys started rehabbing by fixing and flipping, and then after, after hanging out with a bunch of crazy investor people, you started looking at rentals and I, you guys wholesale, um, a decent, a decent amount now, right? We started

Anthony: create our cre, we started Phillips Seller Finance.

Anthony: Lemme started Creative too. I start, I read a creative book and then I, I did my first subject two deal and we got on the news for that one. I was just, I mean, cause we were, we were, we were very strapped with cash and so I wanted to learn how to buy more properties with little to no money down. And so I just read a couple of those books and Wendy’s patent book for wine.

Anthony: I read that like five times. Um, sandwich release options. And so we’re buying a lot of, a lot of things subject too. So we do a lot of creative deals. We do carryback, seller finance deals. I mean, that’s the stuff we really like is getting creative, buying stuff with little to no money down. But when we first

Candace: got started, it was strictly cash and then we moved into seller financing and now we’re moving into wholesaling.

Candace: Um, and whole tailing

Anthony: well, well now, yeah, now is we’re getting cashing again. So now we never really wholesale, so now we’re wholesaling. So now this month I think we’re bringing in about 80 grand and wholesale deal. But it’s really taken us, like it took us a while. Few years to get to this point. Yeah. Now each department spring is generating some stuff.

Anthony: So the flip department’s bringing in some money, wholesale’s, bringing in some money. We’re in short term rentals, trade deals. We got, I mean, so the pipeline’s filled with all different types of deals. Now we just quicker.

Dylan: So if you guys are talking to inve an an investor who’s done a couple deals, right?

Dylan: And, and they, they get the lingo, they know how to close and, and rehab or, you know, flip a couple houses, what, what would you, what would you tell them to, to help them, like leapfrog quicker to where you guys are at? Um, if, if they’re doing business but they don’t know how to scale up from a couple deals

Anthony: a.

Anthony: I would say it’s all relationship. I mean, again, reach out to somebody who’s doing it, see what they’re doing and how they can do it. And then obviously I’m always raising capital, so I’m always looking for, you know, people with deep pockets and money is the name of the game. You gotta have money for this business.

Anthony: So, You know, that’s, that’s what I’m saying. Get out there, be likable. Um, have something, have, have something that people wanna resonate to and be a part of. Meet with

Candace: brokers and real estate agents. Be their best friend. Have them give you deals

Anthony: or add value where you can, whoever you’re

Candace: talking to, you don’t have a lot of money in the beginning

Anthony: for marketing.

Anthony: Everybody I talk to, even if they’re, um, even at the meetup or whatever like that, I said, what are you working on? How. . You know what I mean? It’s just, you never know and then nobody has an answer to it because, I dunno, it’s like very few people wanna get specific. I’m like, no, I just, let’s see if I can help you out, man.

Anthony: And then

Candace: everyone thinks that’s, it’s a secret. Like everything that we do is a secret. We’re like, we’re not holding any information from anybody. We want to share everything that we know to help anybody else in this business. .

Dylan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. If, if, if you have the wrong mindset, it’s really hard to, to go far and it’s really hard to go far fast.

Dylan: Um, you know, I, I know, I know a lot of lone wolf, uh, investors and there’s nothing wrong with that. Like I’m not here to judge them. But, um, it’s a lot easier when you have a group of people around you that, that you can support. And have, get support from you.

Anthony: Listen to a lot of that. When I was, I first started out, and that was another thing that was stuck out to me when I first started out.

Anthony: And again, I didn’t have anybody to talk to, rely on text message, whatever. And so I reached out to a couple local people thinking like, okay, nothing ever came. They wouldn’t, even the time of day I got, you know, discouraged and this and that, man, I’m ever in a position to help somebody out. I’m not gonna be like this.

Anthony: You know what I mean? And

Candace: what, what’s funny? back in the day, no one would even give him the time of day when he wanted to ask questions. Yeah. And now we see that. Oh, yeah. Kind of has turned. Um, it, it, so it’s been nice to see, but you know, in the beginning it’s like, when you’re new, you should wanna be able to go to these people that are doing these big deals and, and like try to make a relationship with them and in return, give, you know, information and.

Candace: So,

Dylan: yeah, not everyone has a servant’s heart either, and believe me, I’m, I’m super guilty of that. Like, I’ll help people and not make money. I’ve helped guys flip $50,000 wholesale and they don’t even think to like, say thank you to me, let alone, you know, share one of my posts or maybe throw me some, some buckets.

Dylan: Right. For, yeah, helping ’em out. But you know what? It, it is what it is. And, and those people who are greedy or they have big egos, like we all know who they are, and you just can’t change ’em. So you just let ’em go do their thing. And, and I, the only thing that I can say in every single guest they have on, they say, you know, I ask ’em, what’s the best advice we can give a new investor?

Dylan: And they’re like, Tell them to, to, to be valuable, bring value, I, whatever it is. And like if I meet someone like Anthony, and I mean, you’re younger than me, not like a ton younger, but I would’ve known in 2014, I’d already been in the business 10 years, like these two are doing something. Yeah, I’m, I’m old. I got gray hair underneath here, but I’m like, these two are got, these two are gonna do something so like they’re worth spending time with.

Dylan: But a lot of times when you do go to like, meetups and like, you know, I call it like the bad coffee breath morning things [00:30:00] with people. Like, you just get a lot of people, I call ’em Mummers, like they don’t know what they’re gonna do and they’re just kinda like time wasters. So it is kind of hard in, in some ways.

Dylan: But for those of us who are, like I told you, I told you, I told you. And like again, I don’t know if that’s a Midwest attitude or like, you know, the make it happen thing. But yeah, it just teaches us how to give back better, I think in the long run. And, uh, You just have to be happy

Candace: too, though. We’re faithful home buyers KC,

Dylan: so, yeah.

Dylan: Yeah. No, and, and I totally understand that. You know, and, and you guys live by that and, and a lot of other people just don’t think that way. So that’s, that’s part of the deal. My, my Facebook group, we’ve got 10,000 people in my local group that I started a few years ago, and our motto, it used to be Make it happen, but like, that’s too tough now.

Dylan: So we changed it to share the love because there’s so much negativity out there in these groups and everybody is stealing each other’s deals and all this other stuff. And I’m like, listen, you want my. , like, I’ll tell you what I’m saying and who I’m calling. You know what I mean? Like, let’s work together.

Dylan: We can make so much more together than, than to be enemies. So you just have to bring [00:31:00] that I call you, you

Candace: call me, you got a deal, let me help you out with your deal. Right? I’ll help you out with this deal. So I

Dylan: love that. Yeah. Yeah. No, it’s, it’s, it’s a much more fun way to be. So why don’t you guys, I love the

Anthony: whole wholesaler and realtor reached out to us two days ago.

Anthony: Asking to help us dispo one of his properties. And we’re doing, we’re not marking up or doing, we’re just helping. We’re doing it for free. It’s like, sure. Just helping. It’s just, you know what I mean? Um, we’re all about whatever you put out, you get back. We’re not trying to,

Candace: yeah. When we were new, we wish would do that for us.

Candace: You know, we, if you’re new and you’re just getting into this business, just meet people, make connections. Learn as much as you can. You know, take all in. That’s put your student

Anthony: hat on.

Dylan: That’s, that’s super great advice. I literally just got off a call with somebody. I’m doing the same thing on a, on a rehab.

Dylan: They started and only demoed and they’re like, I don’t want people to think I’m in trouble because he’s just bit off, bitten off more than he can chew. Right now he’s got like six rehabs going and you know, the market’s. Come down a hair. Uh, so I’m like, all right. I’m like, let me wholesale it out there for you.

Dylan: And I’m like, I don’t want anything. I’m like, I’ll do my Dylan dance for the wholesale. People are gonna think it’s the greatest deal ever, and nobody will know it’s yours. And, and he’s not in trouble, but he’s just like, if there’s one to peel off, it’s this one, right? So I’m like, let’s go, you know, gimme the lockbox code.

Dylan: You’re not working on it for a month. Let me sell this thing before it gets snowy over here. And he was just like, wow, you’ll do that? And I’m like, yeah, because something’s gonna come back to me even if it’s not from you. That’s cool. I’m like, but it also puts my name out there, you know, in a great neighborhood for a, a, a wholesale And people like, oh, nice deal, right?

Dylan: So they all think they’re mine. That’s okay. I’ll, all I want you to do is see my name and think about real estate, no matter where or what it is.

Anthony: You know, I’m just a firm believer. I believe in karma. I believe in the universe. I believe what comes around goes around and I believe put it out there in some way, shape, or form.

Anthony: It will, um, come back to you in same way, shape or form. Be today or tomorrow, the next day or a year from now. Some way, shape or form. I think I’m a big, big believer in that it will come back. When people think

Candace: of baseball home buyers, Casey, we want them to know like we’re good people. You know, we’re trustworthy people, we’re honest, and we don’t want people to think that we’re snakes or we’re here to steal anyone’s house because we’ve had bad, um, bad situations.

Candace: We’ve been told, um, on social media that we’ve stolen people’s houses and things like that, and. The best thing we could do is just keep our mouth closed and, and not say a word. Let people think what they wanted to think. They’re all gonna have their opinions anyways, um, and just let it go. We ended up winning that, um, whole court case too, like a year later.

Candace: And we still haven’t talked about it

Anthony: to this day. Well, anytime you’re trying to do something, people are, I mean, I mean we, we, we, I mean we’re ethical in our business. Everything we do, we’re honest and transparent with everybody we do business with. But yeah, there was this one deal where they back with the seller and the realtor lost the deal and she, that’s all over the internet, social media.

Anthony: And then she basically, you know,

Candace: to every group on social media,

Anthony: Yeah, but I mean, we, we, we won and went through the court system. We won, we actually gave the seller five grand on top of what we told her we were gonna give her. We fed our dogs, bought her phone. So everything, everything worked out. But at the same time, people are gonna think about no matter what, good, bad, or indifferent, you’re not gonna change your opinion either.

Candace: So, no, you’re never, you could just continue to be who you are in a good person.

Dylan: Yeah, you got, you gotta hang your head up high and you know, it’s all about gratitude the way I look at it. And you guys, you know, you guys have your own little family, or not little, but you know, and, and all that other stuff, and you have your own health.

Dylan: So every single day you talk about karma. Anthony, when you wake up, we’re you and I are having a conversation right now, right where the three of us are? Yeah. So maybe when you do good for the world, other things happen that don’t have to do with business, right? Yeah. So you gotta be, you gotta have that gratitude and if you don’t, then like, ah, whatever.

Dylan: I think you’re kinda lost, right? Yeah. Hundred percent. So why don’t you guys tell us about like, what’s your craziest or funniest real estate story? We got a little bit of time left and I, I’d like to have something, uh, funny to, to hear. Um,

Anthony: well here’s, here’s one. Uh, we bought a house a couple years ago, um, from a wholesaler.

Anthony: I was going to close on it and buy it, but much like you just told me earlier, I had way too much going on and I just decided to, um, wholesaler. I think I bought it with private. I was gonna start to work on it, but we had way too much going on, so I ended up, uh, selling it just like we just told me. Uh, we sold it to another local investor the day of closing.

Anthony: Oh, uh, the, there were squatters in there, were squatters there, and the guy was buying squatters in

Candace: place. We’ve already, like, in there a few times, we put the squatter out too.

Anthony: So we agreed on the cash and keys with the squatter. Um, squatter obviously, uh, didn’t fulfill his agreement and then gave the closing.

Anthony: He burned the house down. Yeah. I get a call from the buyer saying, Hey, uh, cause I already signed, I already signed my sign. And he gets, he calls me, he’s like, Hey, what’s, he’s like, what’s going on? I was like, Hey, uh, did you close yet? He’s like, no, there’s a problem. He’s like, what’s the problem? The house burnt down.

Anthony: It was, the house is on fire. I like, what? I thought he was joking and he wasn’t. But I mean, uh, it was, uh, couple months where the insurance had to go out there. Uh, I had an insured for an ARB and not robotic floor, and so we made, uh, quarter million on insurance on it.

Dylan: A quarter million you said? Yeah. Wow.

Dylan: So let this be And we still closed on it. Yeah. So let this be a lesson to investors new and old when your’re wholesaling or whole tailing. You gotta ensure your properties if you own them, because as soon as you own them, its yours.

Anthony: And then, um, here’s the thing. Here’s another thing I should, I should suggest that everyone.

Anthony: Make sure that insurance policy stays active until the day after closing. Yes. I canceled it the day of closing. And so we had like a little hour because the fire happened at like 11 o’clock that night, or 10 o’clock that night. They deemed then, uh, the day of I canceled the closing the insurance and so I didn’t have insurance that next day, but it, so I still covered up that midnight, so I had to talk to the president of the insurance company, had to make sure everything was good.

Anthony: It was so that’s a little funny story for you, .

Candace: And the wholesalers still bought it. He still bought it. He

Anthony: bought the first out. I just dropped the price a little bit. He still closed, still bought it, so we made money on that side. Made money on the insurance. But it was stressful for a little bit, thinking if this insurance is gonna pay out or this or that, and if they


Dylan: gonna back out

Dylan: So that was your guy. Was that your guys’ most profitable single deal?

Anthony: No. Yeah, I would say so. The insurance deal, ? Oh no. I thought it would’ve

Candace: been

Anthony: like the first TV one. No, I mean, we got a couple $75,000 wholesale deals, but. And then, no, that’s that two 20. Yeah, the, and then the one I just shared for you.

Anthony: We did, we had a six figure wrap. We just did. So that would be pretty cool

Dylan: too. But yeah. So now that you’re working a little bit, Anthony, with, um, with, uh, creative financing, can you break down, just make like two or three of the concepts super easily for people [00:38:00] who have heard the terms, the subject to the ation, that stuff.

Dylan: I know we can’t get in too deep, but, but I guess. , explain what you’re super excited about, like the mechanics of those, how they work.

Anthony: Yeah. I like, I mean, for one, the, the debt service is already in place. Um, you know, typically it’s a, especially now it’s a lower interest rate. So usually these creative deals are happening because the sellers in distress in some way, shape or form.

Anthony: Uh, they’re facing foreclosure, they’re, you know, their family members are living there, not paying them, they’re not paying the rent, all that stuff. So, um, we buy a lot of stuff from distress, the homeowners, where they’re behind on payments and they just want to get out of it. And if there’s equity there, uh, we could, we’re able to give them a portion of their equity on payments as well.

Anthony: Basically what I like about this is I don’t have to go borrow money. I don’t have to erase the capital. The debt’s already in there. I don’t have to, um, uh, all I have to do is a title search. Basically make sure titles clear, but I don’t have to talk to anybody else. It’s between me and the seller. And, um, we can create a deal and get it done.

Anthony: And then on the backside, uh, you’re just, you’re just creating the gap in the equity, um, with the time and being creative. And so, um, on the backside, uh, I will find a B side buyer and then try and create that arbitrage. So if I’m paying, say 4% on the original mortgage debt service, And they only have like a hundred grand of of loan payoff.

Anthony: I’m gonna sell that asset with, you know, an 8%, uh, uh, interest rate that arbitrage the gap. All I’m trying to create the gap of the equity and. That’s how we’re doing it. But I don’t know if that’s an easy explanation or not, but I mean, that’s why I like, there’s an easier way to explain that. Yeah. I mean, I, I’m not, I just like,

Candace: I’m always like, talk to me like I’m stupid.

Dylan: Please . No. And, and, and I know that you have been doing, um, creative deals for 20 years, so how long did it. , I followed the concept, so I get it. But like, how long did it take you, once you started studying to get comfortable enough to sit on a couch Right. With Joe and Mary home seller and explain to them, Hey, you’re gonna deed me your house, or I’m gonna buy it for this price, and I’m, I’m gonna fix it up a little bit and then resell it to somebody else.

Dylan: Like how, how long did it take you from concept to, to sitting down and making offers

Anthony: like that? This is, yeah, good question. It’s funny because after I told you, I read Wendy Pat’s book five times. Uh, I got a deal. And right after. This is perfect subject too. That was, that was it. So I closed it. I wrote the de, I wrote the warranty, the title search.

Anthony: I closed it myself. So to answer your question, it was really quick after I read that book, I felt very comfortable with

Candace: it. Was that the one that was getting, the one that was gonna be sold on the courthouse,

Anthony: stepped in, like Yeah, he was about to lose his house in a couple, like literally two days, a couple weeks.

Anthony: And we did, no, I think it was like two weeks. And we did title search, closed. It got, uh, did it. But I, I mean, I read the book. I’m, I’m a paranoid person, so I read, read, read until I. . But it took me, I mean, right after they, I mean I was still a little nervous cause my first subject two deal, I’d go, did the deed, all that stuff.

Anthony: I recorded it. We

Candace: actually got on the news for that one. That was the one that the, they did a news article on us because this guy was like, in like dire need of mm-hmm. , but like getting

Anthony: out. But basically how I’m selling these, this, um, the service is, uh, we’re, we’re gonna be paying, um, the debt on your behalf.

Anthony: Debt service stays in place. We take ownership via warranty. , um, we’re gonna set up automatic payments. Your credit’s gonna go back up and if there’s a, if there’s a equity there, we will set them up with equity payments. And so bucket a portion of their equity with a carryback. And, um, their second position, it’s still secured.

Anthony: They have lenders policy and a deed of trust and promissory note. So if we do foreclose on ’em, they can take the property. Or if we do default, they can take their position back. Um, and so that’s how we’re selling it, you know, and people are just eating it. Taken over their existing mortgage, like one we just closed.

Anthony: Uh, we’re just buying one with a seller finance deal. She owns it outright in place. She tried to sell it for hundred 30 just last week, and I just locked it up to 45 on a seller finance with no money

Dylan: down. Right? So when people say there’s no deals right now, and we’re in a shifting market and all this other stuff that we hear, you just made an offer for 85,000, well, you got an offer accepted for $85,000 less than it was listed for,

Anthony: and I’m bringing nursing to the table.

Anthony: And I’m paying her 500 bucks a month, principal only payments. And she was happy. And the house is in good shape. It’s not like it’s a rundown house. It’s a great looking house. Yeah. And she, I, I can, I can rent it right now. It’s just a, the problem is there’s a squadron place he’s not paying. It’s

Candace: just like, sure.

Candace: Just like landlords getting those bad, bad tenants and they’re, they’re like, I just don’t

Anthony: wanna deal with it anymore. So I’ll, after title search comes back clean, I will close on it, put an insurance policy on it for 175 in case oh boy wants to. You know, and then we’ll just try and sell. Get a tenant buyer, I’ll leave victim.

Anthony: I get the unit clear, and then we’ll try and find either a tenant buyer and do a, a wrap for, you know, the arbitrage, create the gap or put it back on the market for, you know, 80, 90, a hundred grand or whatever, you

Dylan: know. Yeah, and, and I can tell you guys who are listening and watching this right now, this is an education that you would pay three, five, $20,000 to go to a bootcamp and learn.

Dylan: Ask me how I know, right? I was doing sub two s a long time ago and I paid a lot of money to learn how to do them. So Anthony and Candace are the kind of people who are running free meetups in their town, teaching the stuff for free, looking at, for deal partners and, and people that they can share their wisdom with and the concepts that they’re talking about right now.

Dylan: Totally unbelievable, um, because most people don’t even know that you can do this kind of stuff. So you guys have talked about all this, you know, growth and, and great things that you’re doing. Let me ask you a question. Um, what is, what is your biggest challenge right now in business?

Anthony: Raising private capital?

Anthony: No, it’s not. I mean, we, I mean, we’re doing pretty well raising private capital. We’re always looking for private lenders. But I mean, the biggest challenge is, uh, turnover. Trying to make sure we have the right people in the right seats as we grow the company. A lot of people

Candace: don’t, A lot of people wanna be in this business, but they really don’t know what it takes and to be in this business and to be successful in everything that is involved with it.

Candace: It’s not just buying a. And then closing it. It, there’s a lot of, you know, paperwork and inspections and things like that and nothing can be missed.

Anthony: I, yeah, it’s just been a hard time. I mean, people, and it’s, again, it’s our fault the when putting people in seats, but I mean, people are here for either three months to six months.

Anthony: And then either burn out, but, so we’re trying to figure out as, uh, the owners how to keep these people, you know,

Candace: hungry and wanting to grow with our

Anthony: company. Yeah. So that’s been our challenge. Um, but again, I’m always trying to raise capital. We’re always trying to find better deals, uh, we’re we change our underwriting, uh, since the market shifted the cap more, uh, capital’s more expensive.

Anthony: Sales are getting better for us, but, um, just because we changed our underwriting and our, our, our marketing is, is hitting too. But our biggest challenge is

Candace: finding people that want [00:45:00] to work with

Anthony: us. Take our time. Take our time

Dylan: back. It’s, uh, you know, there, there’s some point where we figure that out. But, uh, let’s go back to the raising capital.

Dylan: So what a lot of, uh, newer investors don’t understand is there are people out there who like our rich uncle, right, who has a bunch of money and he’s willing to lend it, um, to companies like ours to so that we can buy real estate. And there’s a whole bunch of documents involved and the title companies and lawyers and all that stuff.

Dylan: But forget about. Unimportant stuff because if you can’t sit and, and have a coffee or a beer or stand at a barbecue with this person, they have a conversation. They’re not gonna lend to you. Right. So why, why don’t you break down like in, in a couple minutes. Um, how does it work with you guys and, and your, and your private lenders when you guys buy a property?

Candace: Well, we first send ’em a credibility packet,

Anthony: so, well, it all depends if they’re, if they’re new to us, um, look, we got

Dylan: credibility. Let’s say they’re new and watching the show right now.

Anthony: Yeah, great. Fantastic. So they’ve reached out to us. I’d like to talk to them, uh, one-on-one, uh, Candace or myself. They’d fill, fill out a new lender’s, uh, one page sheet of who they are, see how credible they are, what they’re looking to do with their money.

Anthony: But once they’re accepted by us on our, and they’re, they’re credible and we, we, we, we feel like we’d be a good fit for each other. Um, I would send them, what I do is I send them emails, our lending emails, our deals. It’s basically the address, the arb, just the basic bullet. And if they’re interested and they want more data, then we’ll give them more data like Google picks or scope of work, GA chart, budget break, um, Gerald, this, whatever they want.

Anthony: Um,

Candace: I’ve even gone to, to do like, um, our credibility packets, like putting their name, like actually making a video and saying like, Hey, I’m Candace, this is Anthony, where people home buyers, Casey, and. Opening up to our credibility packet and they get like a Google drive. And it just shows like things that we’ve done, what we do with marketing, who we are, and basically like a breakdown of, of like about us.

Candace: So people know us before just giving us

Anthony: their money, but then again also goes, comes down to the deal. Um, so they want to. What’s great is what, what what’s happening now is I’ll either send a text message or the email out and then people either respond immediately and deals funded and then, so I’ll have to go back.

Anthony: What’s fun for me is going back to lender offerings off the table. I’m sorry. I’ll get you on the next one. That’s a good feeling. Yeah.

Dylan: There’s nothing better private

Candace: money lenders calling in from our marketing, which is, which

Anthony: is nice people, I mean, we raised capital from our marketing. Yeah. As well. I, I’ve, I’ve, no, I have lenders on my team, on, on the team, but I’ve never even.

Anthony: I don’t even know who they are. Some of them are even in Las Vegas. Yeah. I mean, that’s strong. Yeah. So. Yeah,

Dylan: that’s, no, that’s cool. So, so mechanically, let’s just finish that out. So when, when, if a new lender gets connected with you guys, they’re not just like giving you green cash in a bag. How does, how does that work?

Dylan: Yeah, they do, they come out with a

Anthony: soup. I make, I make a joke about it. Like, how do you watch a big black bag in the back Alley , [00:48:00] bring it on in. We ready? I’m just joking. No, but I mean, after they like the deal, all that stuff. Um, if they wanna be on a first position or second position, if they can fund the whole deal, be first, it’s, uh, Cap second.

Anthony: Uh, but it all goes through title. Um, they send it the wiring instructions due titled they’re, they get the deed recorded. Um, all that stuff. So promissory note, deed of trust, it goes through title, um, and all depends how it’s structured. Either it’s a loan payment or monthly payments. So, and then they get a

Candace: welcome gift and then they get Christmas presents.

Anthony: Yeah, they get t-shirts, hats, um, birthdays. They get gifts. Oh, like

Candace: Ambassador Fuel does. Yeah. We’re really big on giving gifts. And they get the wax seal

Anthony: envelopes. We said thank yous, but I mean, yeah, that’s what it is. Lender’s Policy deed of trusts, uh, promissory note. First or second position closes your title.

Anthony: Um, easy.

Dylan: Yeah, it’s, it’s simpler than you think. So if you are, if you’re new investors listening or watching this, make sure you figure out what your, uh, your local and state laws are. But talk to a real estate attorney. The big thing is, is you’ve gotta be able to create relationships with people and have good opportunities for them, uh, to get involved with, with you.

Dylan: And I think you guys have, uh, have figured picture to do with

Candace: their money. You know, paint a clear picture for them, like what you’re doing with it. So they’re not like, oh, you’re just gonna spend it on like marketing, or you’re gonna spend it on like new

Anthony: merchandise. Yeah. I mean, you gotta, I mean, you gotta know who you’re talking to and what their goals are as well, and how you can serve them because you’re educating one of

Candace: your lenders.

Candace: Like he wanted to learn how to do this business. Right. Well a

Anthony: lot of these guys, yeah, they, they wanna learn how to do the business and they wanna. You know, so we’re able to help them out and they can see, we can teach ’em, give ’em our stuff, and they realize how hard, it’s like, nah, I don’t wanna do the business.

Anthony: I’m just gonna keep you.

Dylan: Just listen. They all want to eat the sausage, but they don’t wanna know how it’s made. Nobody wants to go to the city and fight about permits and deal with squatters who burn houses down. They just wanna make money on their money. So we make it easy for ’em. So, you guys heard it here first.

Dylan: If, uh, if you guys are interested in, in working with Anthony or Candace, Capacity. Make sure you guys reach out to ’em. So listen guys, we’re round in third base and heading home. So what is the best way for people to get in touch with you guys?

Candace: Well, our, uh, marketing’s everywhere. Give us a call, shoot us an email.

Anthony: Um, my email is, uh, come on into the office. It’s, it’s [email protected]. Um, they can go to our website. You got Facebook Faithful Home Buyers kc,

Candace: my g My email is [email protected].

Anthony: Um, we have Instagram Faithful Home Buyers, Casey Instagram. TikTok

Dylan: all over the place. TikTok. Yeah. And, and we’re gonna have links to all this stuff, um, uh, on the show notes.

Dylan: So if you guys are listening in your car right now, just make sure you go to, click on shows, click on real estate Investing secrets, and look for the show with Anthony and Candace and you can find all their information. And I don’t care where you’re from. If you’re from another state, find out when they’re having their meetups.

Dylan: Get out there, make some connections, and uh, and you never know where that’s gonna take.

Anthony: Yeah. And uh, any, any private lenders out there look, uh, not satisfied with their returns. Looking to, you know, getting the real estate gang, we’re good operators for that. We have plenty of deals and time too, so love to see if we’d be a good fit as well.

Dylan: Beautiful. Well, I appreciate you guys being on the show today. Uh, thank for having us. Of course, I’ll see you guys at a mastermind soon, and if you guys are watching or listening and you are not yet subscribed, remember, like I said, we have 1500 previous shows. You can learn all kinds of crazy real estate investing information, so make sure that you subscribe.

Dylan: We’re on every single podcast, uh, I dunno, channel out there, right? We’re on YouTube, we’re all over the, we’re all over social media, so make sure you get connected to us from Anthony, Candace, and myself, Dylan. We’ll see you guys on the next show. Bye.

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