Hey everybody, Mike Hambright here from FlipNerd.com! I want to share a quick show and message with you today! With all of the stuff that we have going on right now with Covid-19 and social distancing, I want to share how you can use this time wisely and how to make sure that we come out of this thing way better than we went into it.

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[00:00:00] Mike: [00:00:00] Hey guys, Mike Hambright here from Flipnerd.com I wanted to share a quick kind of show and message with you. Um, and about all the stuff that we have going on right now, the Corona virus, all the lock in, all those things. So, um, depending on where you are in the country, kind of determines how locked down you are right now.

But one thing that’s persistent across the country is that we’re all kind of in wait and see mode. Right? And I’ve been a big advocate of talking about. Um, how to use this time wisely and how to make sure that we come out of this thing way better than we’ve gone into it. So personally, I can tell you I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time.

Building my network, learning and growing. I’ve been buying some different training programs to help me Excel, to push myself forward, but I want to say the single biggest secret weapon that I believe I’ve had in my business for a long, long time is my network. I’ve been willing to network and do whatever it takes going to events.

Joining masterminds, joining different programs [00:01:00] to surround myself with people that are smarter than me or people that kind of get me. They understand what this is all about, and that’s why I started the investor fuel mastermind. I don’t want to talk about that too much here. That is a premium real estate mastermind for.

Successful real estate investors, active real estate investors already. One of the things that I want to share with you today is about a flip nerd group that we have that’s totally free online and how it’s made a difference in my life. You can actually get there and join for free. Just go to flipnerd.com/facebook and you’ll get access.

Now, this group has been around for actually a long time. It’s not the biggest group out there, and it’s definitely not the smallest and it’s been a little bit dormant, honestly, but I’m bringing it back and because not bringing it back, it’s not dead, but, uh, going to put a lot more attention on giving and sharing out there because we have a big email list and we email stuff out, but we never touch everybody.

Email deliverability is harder than ever. And I feel like groups where you can get together [00:02:00] and you can actually see people’s face, see their responses, click through and learn more about them is a great way. To know who it is that you’re talking to. So I will tell you with this group going forward, we’re going to put a lot of focus on keeping it clean.

It’s actually, we’re, we’re very good about keeping it clean. We have been all along, so not a lot of spammy stuff. Not a lot, not a lot of pitches. We try to prevent all that, and if we see it, we shut it down and just a great place to learn and grow. So I’m committed and my team is committed to line up behind this group.

You can get there by going to flipnerd.com/facebook and. Uh, sharing, um, everything that’s going on right now, we’re going to share a tremendous amount out there, more than we ever have in the past. And because we want to share the message of what’s working now with you. Again, I spent a tremendous amount of time in my network, whether it’s people that are part of my paid mastermind, whether it’s people that are part of my agency, we run a lead generation agency for real estate investors coaching a lot of other things.

So I have my ear to the ground, [00:03:00] uh, on like a lot of people that are out there. And I want to share that with you. Some actionable steps that you can use to impact your business, impact your life. So I’m of the belief that we have an amazing opportunity as real estate investors in this downturn. I don’t know if this is going to last a few more weeks or many months.

Who knows? I’m hopeful that it’s going to be relatively short lived from here. What it’s going to create tremendous opportunities for us as real estate investors, even if the market doesn’t take a big downturn because there’s just a lot of people that. We’re not that committed to this as a business that are going to be knocked out of the game, and that’s going to open up opportunities for us as real estate investors.

It also opens up opportunities for us because sellers are a little bit rattled and maybe not as concerned with getting top of market. They just want to lock in some equity that they’ve earned over the past few years in the past many years, and, uh, are going to start to make some choices to sell. A little bit faster than they have in years past.

So [00:04:00] I appreciate everybody that’s been watching this show for six and a half years. We’ve been bringing you a ton of content. For sure. I like to say amazing content. That would sound. Uh, maybe a little odd if I say it’s amazing content, but I believe it’s amazing content. I hope you’ve gotten some value out of it too.

And if you can just go over to flipnerd.com/facebook that’ll redirect you to the group and join and when you join, we’re actually going to give you access to some great information just as soon as you join as well. So I appreciate you a ton. I’m looking forward to growing. My network inside of this Facebook group and looking forward to seeing you there.

Go to flipnerd.com/facebook and I’ll see you over there. Facebook. That is flipnerd.com/facebook see over there.


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