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In the classroom today, Duncan Wierman discusses branding and the role it plays in your success.

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Learn about strategies that can help focus your vision to allow your real estate business to grow.

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Announcer: Welcome back to the REI classroom where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now, let’s meet today’s expert host.
Duncan: Hey, everyone, my name is Duncan Wierman and I’m your host today of REI Classroom. And I’m really excited to be here. I have some great stuff I want to share with you and one of the things that I really want to stress that I think most people skip over is the topic of branding.
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Duncan: When you think about it, there are just millions and millions of real estate investors out there or want-to-be investors. You’ve all seen all the flipping TV shows out there and it’s inspiring a lot of people to get into the business. And there are real estate clubs, there are investors that have been around 20, 30 years already.
Now, this poses a problem to a new person entering the business or it can also pose a problem to the person that’s been in the business now maybe a year or two and they’re stuck at this level where they’re not getting enough leads to really generate them a consistent monthly income. I can guarantee you that 90% of the problems you’re having in your real estate business all relate to marketing.
So before I go into all the nitty, gritty of all the cool things we can do marketing as tactics, we have to look at, “What are the strategy and vision we have for our company?” and this all relates to our brand.
First of all, I hope you pick one topic and are going to focus on it because we need to understand that what you’re doing in the marketplace as a real estate investor has a very easy message for people to understand. It has to be very clear. The funny thing about focus and clarity is like when you want to buy your dream car. I want to go out and I want to buy this Jaguar. I’m just loving it. The moment I go out and buy it, I see these Jaguars everywhere. I’m like, “Well, what’s that about?” My brain focused on it so much that I start seeing these things everywhere. Sort of like with lead generation, you’ve got to start focusing on a strategy and the type of leads you’re looking for.
So, again, I want to bring it back to branding. You probably have all run into the very big guys out there doing this. They’re doing it in a big volume because they have name recognition, they have logo recognition, they have a clear, concise message. And that’s really what I want to ask you today is, “What is your message? Is it different from everybody else? That uniqueness, what sets you apart from the crowd?”
I want to say one of the things you can do is there’s tons of education out there. There’s so much knowledge for people to look at online when they’re looking for a solution to their housing problem. You could buy, sell a house. But where you’re going to be unique is within your insights that you provide then with that information and how you can help them. The simpler you can make your message, the easier it is for you to acquire a new customer.
So it’s not about spending a lot more money on marketing. It’s really about sitting down for a couple of hours before you enter the marketplace and figuring out, “Who I am. What I do. How I’m going to do it. What is the solution I am providing? How can I stand out from everybody else?” So it’s not just a logo, guys, it’s not just your tagline. A brand is how people are going to interpret you online.
This is really a lot about doing a strengths/weakness opportunities and threats exercise. Some of these exercises do make your brain hurt and they’re meant to make your brain hurt because I want you to think about, “Well, what are the opportunities? What are the strengths? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses?” So you can fix those problems and capitalize on the opportunities. So, guys, really investigate your brand. Make it clear. Stay focused and get the word out. Provide that insight that people are really seeking in the marketplace.
That’s pretty much a very short message that I’m going to say why branding is very important to your business. So I’m Duncan Wierman for today’s tip on REI Classroom, guys. Hope to see you soon.
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