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In the REI Classroom today, Pete Asmus shares how important it is to stay focused on what makes you happy.

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Set up small milestones in your goals and reward yourself for progress made. Make sure to stay positive and if you get down, get back up again!

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Mike: Welcome back to the REI Classroom where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now, let’s meet today’s expert host.
Pete: Hey, guys. This is Pete Asmus again, the Turnkey Investor. I am here, the host, on the REI Classroom, a place I love. And I know you guys do too, that’s why you’re here. And today’s topic is going to be all about how to keep motivation in the tank so that you don’t overheat.
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Pete: Now, when we talk about motivation, what do we really mean? Well, we mean, if somebody says, “I want to be an investor,” right? What motivates them to think that? Well, what motivates typically people to think that is they look at what could my life be like? We focus on where could we be. And that hope, that hope really kind of comes back into us and it feels up that motivation going, “Look, if I work hard, if I do the right thing, I can get to that point.” And the reality is yeah, that can happen or no, that can’t happen. It has a lot to do with more than just hope. It has to do with actually going out and doing something.
But here’s what happens. You get excited about something, about a strategy, whatever. You start running in that direction. As you move and take action, and really that’s the moving part, you spend energy and as you spend energy, it starts to deplete what you’ve got.
And when people start going in a direction without getting any kind of results, they start having a problem because it feels like you’re just giving and giving and giving and you’re not getting anything in return.
So when you build a plan like that, what you really want to do is build little areas, sections, phases that as you get through these phases, you basically reward yourself. You want to be able to see the positive things that are happening. You want to see the advances when you’re really doing this because that’s what going to give and feedback in that motivation.
If all you do is go to work and you never get paid, you’re going to stop working. Why? Because you’re not getting anything back. When people quit a job, why? They usually quit because they’re not getting what they need out of it. It could be money, it could be prestige, it could be credit, it could be anything, but whatever it is, they’re not getting enough of it and it’s depleted. If you don’t reemerge, if you don’t . . . not reemerge. What is that? If you don’t reimburse, payback.
In reality, it kind of is like that. You’re paying out. You’ve got to reimburse that motivation back in. You’re depleting it so you’ve got to refill it. You’ve got to recharge yourself and the best way to do that is a few ways.
One, watch different videos with different people. I used to watch Tony Robbins, I’ve watched . . . man, just a bunch of different people. I can’t even think of all of them right now. But those types of things help because we’re all going to go through challenges, problems that are going to bring us down and we want to be able to spin back and be motivated again. Like they say, it’s not about how many times you fall down, it’s about how you get back up. Well, it’s not just about if you get back up but it’s also about how you get back up.
If you get back up in a bad mood, if you’re negative and you hate being around everybody and everything sucks, nobody wants to be around you. And a lot of times, we lose sight of that. We get so focused and wrapped up in our life and how our life is going that we’re angry, we’re mad, and we’re walking around with this bad attitude and we’re like, “Yeah,” and it sucks, “I mean, I can’t even find any investors. I can’t even find any deals. I can’t even find any opportunities.”
But all we’re doing is like getting mad and angry everywhere and nobody wants to not only talk to us but help us. So make sure that you stay focused and stay happy, stay positive. People want to help people that are in a good mood, that are happy, that are really doing well. That’s where you want to be. Stay in that lane.
Guys, thank you so much. I am Pete Asmus, the Turnkey Investor. This is the REI Classroom and until next time, go make something happen. Bye, guys.
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