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Steve Rozenberg explains how your knowledge of DiSC profiling can help you communicate better in your business.

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When talking to buyers or sellers, it’s important to gauge what their DiSC style is so that you can adapt your communication style to best suit them. If you’re a dominant communicator normally, you would want to soften your approach when talking to the a “S” style, for example.

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Mike: Welcome back to the REI Classroom, where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now, let’s meet today’s expert host.
Steve: Hey everyone, this is Steve Rozenberg with Empire Industries Property Management Company and Realty Services here in Houston, Texas. I’d like to welcome everyone to the FlipNerd REI Classroom. Today we’re going to talk about something a little bit different but it’s vitally important and that is what’s called DiSC profiling.
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Steve: Now, what DiSC profiling is is everybody in the world is made up of some form of DiSC in the profiling system, you have a D, you have an I, you have an S, and you have a C.
So the D in DiSC profiling is a very dominant person. Those are the people that take action, take control, they just get things done. When you’re talking to a D they are very matter effect, they want you to get to the point, don’t waste their time, just make it happen. That is the D, okay.
An I in the profiling system is a social butterfly. They’re the happy, chatty people that you cannot stop talking, and they’re very socially just going everywhere and you can never keep them in place. That’s an I, okay.
Now, and you have this S. S is a very emotional person, they’re sentimental. Those are the people that are, they like to bring harmony to the group, they like to get along with everybody. So when you hear an S talking they’re very auditory. So when the S may sound like, “Hey, I feel very sad today. Did you hear how that person is talking to me?” So if you can imagine a person that has a D personality and somebody who has an S personality have a conversation, they’re not going to get along very well because all they’re going to say is that person . . . the S is going to say “That person is mean. They’re rude. I don’t like how they’re talking to me. Did you just hear what they said?” And the D may say, “I just said hello.” You know, “Like exactly, that’s how you said it that’s why I don’t like you.” That’s an S.
Now you have a C, and the C is someone who’s conforming. They like numbers, they like conformity, they don’t want to bother anyone, they just want to do their job and go home. The C is maybe like an engineer that likes numbers, they like things in certain way. So a C could be an engineer, someone who’s an accountant, someone who’s an attorney, very linear thinkers. They are the ones who like to come into their office every day, shut the door with their lunch, not talk to anyone, go home every night, and they go, “That was the best job I’ve ever had for 30 years, I never talk to anybody.” That is a C. When you talk to a C, they want numbers extraordinary. You give a C one spreadsheet, that is never enough, they may read the whole owner’s manual in the car vehicle. That is a C, okay.
So you have to know these differences. Now, one thing that’s interesting, and I’m going to tell you why this is important in a minute, one thing that’s very interesting about DiSC profiles is that you are born with a certain type of DiSC, okay. That DiSC is it’s in your DNA, you’re that type of person. Overtime you learn to become another DiSC person, okay. So you learn to become something else. However, when you become stressed you will revert back to your original DiSC profiling like when you’re talking to someone and having an argument or something, the next thing you know that person just explodes, and it’s not their nature and they say, “I don’t know where that came from,” that is their original DiSC. They’re going back to their original DiSC because that is normal.
So why this is important is when you are doing real estate, buying properties, selling properties, doing stuff, dealing with contractors, everybody in the world is made up of some form of DiSC or variation. If you only talk to people in your format of DiSC that you know and you are, you are not communicating effectively with 75% of the rest of the population.
So what you have to ask yourself is when you’re talking to someone, if you are a D and you start and trying to do a deal and trying to negotiate with someone who’s an S you are not going to get very far. A true salesperson, and let’s face it, everyone in the world is a salesperson, whether you know it or not, you are selling yourself. If you’re not, then you’re just a bad salesperson, but you are selling yourself. And what you have to ask yourself is how do you communicate with that person because they only can relate to and respect the same type of DiSC profile.
So when you are doing something in sales you have you listen to how that person is talking and when you hear that person talking you have to effectively be able to communicate with them at their level, otherwise, you are not going to be able to get the deal, you’re not going to close the contract, you’re not going to get the person to agree with you, you’re just going to butt heads. So when you’re talking to people you have to listen very quickly to what they are, and you do as a salesperson, as a master salesperson, you have to change who you are and your DiSC to mirror their DiSC so that you get along.
So, again, this is about DiSC profiling. Hopefully this helps. There’s a lot of information on it that you can learn. I’ve learned a lot about it and there’s just a ton of stuff that will make you a better salesperson in your business and make you more successful in real estate because of knowing DiSC. So hopefully this helps.
This is Steve Rozenberg with the FlipNerd REI Classroom. Thank you.
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