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Duncan Wierman chats with us today about 8 areas to look at to ensure your marketing effectively and not losing out on potential leads.

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From making sure your website is responsive to writing blogs about your expertise, Duncan shares what areas of your marketing plan you need to paying attention to.

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Mike: Welcome back to the REI Classroom, where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now, let’s meet today’s expert host.
Duncan: Hello everyone, this is Duncan Wierman, and I’ll be your host today on FlipNerd’s REI Classroom. And the topics I want to talk about today are the Real Estate Marketing Top Eight Checklist, and this would be for 2017 in regards to marketing ideas.
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Duncan: So if you’re struggling for leads and you’re just not getting to where you want to go, you should really look at the foundation of your system setup to accommodate your marketing needs for leads.
So I want to share with you my top eight list, and the first one is your website. Now, I’m sure you all have websites, but if you’re not getting leads off your website, guess what? Something’s broken, and you need to fix it. The website is a foundation of your digital marketing efforts. And a study has shown that Google has almost 80% of tenants and investors searching for real estate online, and that is huge. So that means your website is critical to gaining your brand visibility, acquiring prospects, and helping you get more sales and leases and rent-to-owns, or whatever you’re doing for your company.
So I’m going to give you a few strategies that are highly likely to have an impact for you in 2017. So here are my favorite ideas.
First of all, make sure your website is responsive. And responsive means that the website changes size to look nice and neat according to the device that person is using. Too many people are using a fixed site measurement website that when you look at it on an iPhone versus a desktop, it looks completely a mess. On a desktop, it looks great. You get on your phone, you’re like, “Wow. That is really small,” and they have to stretch it and squeeze it and that’s not good for keeping customers. So you want to optimize for mobile devices. Your ability to attract tenants, investors, want to have a good experience, all right? So that’s number one.
Number two is a blog. Guys, if you’re not blogging, you’re losing business. Your blog will keep you as the authority and the expert in your niche, all right? So get blogging. I would do blogging before any other lead generation method. And then you’ve got to tell people about what’s going on in your company. What’s new and exciting, all right? And then to further enhance your credibility for both buying and selling houses, you should be aware of what’s going on in the market. So start pushing out once a month marketing reports, all right? It can be on anything, but just get out what’s going on in your local market.
And then following up with that, videos. Video marketing is going crazy, and if you’re not video marketing, you’re just losing leads. So please make sure you create some videos, and you don’t have to make them more than two minutes in length. So video marketing.
Make sure you’re building your email list for number six. Get people on your newsletter sign up, create that email list. The money is in the list, guys. You want to be able to send an email and sell a house.
And then number seven, improve your search engine optimization. Always be thinking of key words. What are people searching for to find you online? Change them up. Try different things, but make sure number one, your site is search engine friendly, make sure it’s mobile optimized, make sure it’s fast, and keep trying new keywords, all right?
And then number eight, to finish it off, is you’ve got to track. You have to look at your analytics. Go to and get that free code they give you to put into your website, so you know where people are coming from to find you. Because if you see nobody is coming to your website or they’re coming to your website and bouncing off and going somewhere else, we’ve got to figure out why and fix it.
So if you start and just take action on these eight items, you’re going to see a significant increase in your leads. So, take that advice. Check me out online at I give you a lot of great technology ideas, a lot of lead generation ideas, and I go into much more detail. So sign up for our free newsletter and start getting more leads today. Thank you very much and have a great day from FlipNerd REI Classroom.
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