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Kevin Ortner explains how there’s an influx of renters around the nation as millennials are waiting longer to purchase a home.

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By investing into rental properties, you’re not only diversifying your portfolio, but you’re also taking advantage of increasing values.

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Announcer: Welcome back to the REI Classroom, where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now let’s meet today’s expert host.
Kevin: Hello. I’m Kevin Ortner with Renters Warehouse and I’ll be your host of REI Classroom today. And today we’re going to talk about rent estate and really what rent estate is and why you should be a part of this growing trend in America.
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Kevin: Rent estate is really a new twist on rental investment real estate and taking advantage of our new renter nation we have growing across America. We’re in a unique place that we haven’t been in in years in the United States and that’s home ownership is at an all-time 50-year low. And the new millennial and up and coming generations are waiting longer and longer to buy real estate.
So what that means for a real investor is lots of great opportunity to find fantastic renters that want to stay in properties long term and supply and demand is creating a situation where rents are on the rise. And so this is very exciting and it’s an exciting time to be a part of this. So we’re talking a lot about the renter nation today. And what we’re seeing is really a change in demographic across the United States of the reasons why people aren’t buying.
And those reasons start from perhaps today’s up and coming millennial generation want to wait longer to buy a home because they want to be mobile. They want to work in Minneapolis today where I’m from and next week or next year they want to work in Seattle. They don’t want to be tied down. Or they simply don’t have the income and the savings to buy property.
Or really, what we’re also seeing is psychological differences of beliefs in real estate from our younger generations after watching their parents go through a calamity in our last real estate downturn and just don’t have the same interest in buying that property. What that means for real estate investors like you is now is a great time to get into this to learn more about how you can help this generation have great homes and great places to rent while at the same time taking huge advantage of owning real estate.
Owning real estate over the long term gives you lots of great benefits like value increases through appreciation. It’s a great long term investment to them. There are tax benefits you can take advantage of. It’s a portfolio diversification tool. You can leverage this through today’s low mortgage rates and you can use other people’s money to pay off your mortgage. So it’s a great way to build wealth for yourself and your family. It’s a great way to provide back to your community and provide great housing to people. But ultimately, now is one of the best times in the history of the United States to get into owning single-family homes or small multi-family units as investment real estate. And that’s what we call rent estate.
So as you look at options for investing in your future, investing in real estate, whether it’s a fix and flip or long term holds, be sure to keep rent estate as one of the things you’re looking at for building your real estate portfolio and building your career in real estate.
That’s what we have for you today. Thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing your next time on REI Classroom.
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