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Alex Pardo shares his secret to getting the most out of your email list.

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There’s multiple reasons why a marketing email can be unopened. Alex explains his strategy for retargeting his list of unopened emails.

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Mike: Welcome back to the REI Classroom where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now let’s meet today’s expert host.
Alex: Hey guys, it’s Alex Pardo. I’m excited to host another REI Classroom, and today I’m going to share with you a nifty email marketing tip that’s going to help you sell more of your real estate deals.
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Alex: So a lot of people don’t realize that whether you’re using ConstantContact, Aweber, iContact, whatever email client, GetResponse and MailChimp, I think it is. There’s a setting in there where it allows you to pull a report of the unopens, okay? So the people that when you send out an email blast, you’re able to pull a report of those people that did not open the email. What this allows you to do is re-market to those people.
Now, I think a mistake that the people that are aware of this strategy is that they leave the subject line the same. So I think the biggest reason that we’ve had some success doing this is that you want to change and make it an attention grabbing subject line, okay?
So I’ll give you a perfect example. A couple of months ago we were marketing this property. Forty-eight hours had gone by and we hadn’t gotten too much traction on it, and we realized that for some reason our emails were going into spam. We typically get about a 15 to 17% open rate, and that wasn’t happening. We were getting, like, somewhere in the 8 to 10 range. What we did was we resent the email the next day to the unopens, and we quickly got a contract on that property. So that’s just an example, a real life example, of how we use this strategy in our business to get properties sold.
One of the things you want to avoid is burning out your email list. I know investors and wholesalers that will send out multiple emails a day, and I think that’s a quick way to burn out your list. So if you want to send it daily, this is one strategy that you can employ is essentially sending to the unopens because obviously they haven’t seen the first email. So to them it would have been the first email you sent. With so many emails going out these days, things get lost in the shuffle, and so you have to figure out how to stand out from the crowd.
One of the ways you can do that is what I alluded to earlier is an attention grabbing subject line, and the second way is by doing this. So I know Aweber, which is the email client that we use in our business, there’s an unopen feature. And I’m pretty sure that most other email clients out there do have this option.
So whatever you’re using, I encourage you to check it out if you can’t find it, contact support because I’m pretty sure they would have it, and, like I said, I know Aweber for a fact does have this. So if you’re using Gmail and you’re just getting started in the business, you’re building your buyers list, use the read receipt feature with Gmail. And if for whatever reason you see that a buyer hasn’t opened your email within a 24 to 48-hour period, don’t be shy to resend the same email, just maybe change the subject line. So hopefully you found that tip helpful, and I hope it helps you sell more properties.
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