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Greg Reid explains how your thoughts can become your reality if you stick through it as a real estate investor.

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Everyday life is changed when you’re a real estate investor who doesn’t quit and sets a goal to make thoughts a reality.

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Mike: Welcome back to the REI Classroom where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now, let’s meet today’s expert host.
Greg: In 1937, a classic book, the bible of personal development was created called Think and Grow Rich by the late, great Dr. Napoleon Hill. The very first three words he used were, “Thoughts are things.”
Hey, everyone. By the way, my name is Greg S. Reid. I’m a bestselling author, speaker, filmmaker right here in San Diego, California, writing the next Think and Grow Rich series.
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Greg: Bob Proctor, you probably know him from The Secret. We had an opportunity to sit down to find out how thoughts become reality, and then we realize that thoughts are not things. It’s thoughts backed by massive action become reality.
Meaning if thoughts were things, there’d be a slice of pizza right now because I’m hungry. It’s lunch time. But as soon as this interview is done, and I go across the street and buy a slice of pizza, my thought becomes true because I took action. It’s the action behind the attraction that makes our dreams come true. You got to think it, feel it, but ultimately, you got to get off your backside and do it, and never let another person or yourself talk you out of what you know to be true.
The first interview I ever did was a guy named Dave Liniger. People don’t know him, but you know his franchise. I said, “Did you ever want to give up to your challenges? Did you ever let the stinking thinking creep in?” And he goes, “Yeah.”
He goes, “In 1970, I got into the real estate space and all the money ran out because of the other great depression.” And he goes, “I didn’t know what to do.” He goes, “For two years, every phone call that came in was from a bill collector. I’d run across the hall and pick it up, so my secretary wasn’t put on the spot. The third year, they threw me in jail, and called me a fraud.” I go, “What’d you do?”
He goes, “I took my attitude from trying to prove them wrong to prove myself right. I knew I wasn’t what they were making me out to be. I had the courage to pick up the phone and call the bill collectors back and say, ‘Look, I’ll be honest. All the money is gone. I don’t got 50 grand I owe you. I got $50. I’ll send it to you with a promise I won’t quit. Don’t give up on me.'”
He says, “I called every bill collector, every month until the fourth year, someone finally believed in my message and bought the first business called RE/MAX Real Estate.” He goes, “I’m nothing.” He goes, “But how many people’s lives were changed because I would not quit, and how do we know someone watching this right now is about to give up with their own dream because Visa was calling this morning?”
The realities are, we all have great aspirations and dreams and desires. It’s the action behind the attraction that makes your dreams come true. And if you look at it truly, if you’re willing to get off your backside and do something, your thoughts can become realities as well.
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