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Chase Thompson comments on the top strategies to utilize when creating content. He emphasizes being in research mode throughout the day, finding the right angle, and finding out the necessary ratio between content creation and marketing.

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After the content has been created, most people don’t spend an equal amount of time promoting that particular work. Hear from Chase Thompson who instructs on a few strategies to get the most out of your work.

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Mike: Welcome back to the REI Classroom where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now, let’s meet today’s expert host.
Chase: Hey guys, what’s up? I am Chase Thompson from the NoteMBA podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about my three tips for content creation here in the REI Classroom.
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Chase: All righty, guys. Today we’re going to be talking about my top three ways to create content for your business. No matter what business you are in nowadays, whether you are a baker, a real estate investor, a lawyer it doesn’t matter. You need to be creating content, right? We all know this. We are all marketers now. But how do we do it?
In a lot of the work that I do when it comes to real estate investing and a lot of the marketing consulting that I do for businesses, I like to cover these three topics because it really helps people out. The first is going to be: be in research mode all the time. It’s a lot like that old movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” when they’re like, “Always be closing Always be researching.” Always have in your mind the conversations you’re having people, whether it’s at the supermarket or your kid’s school or a garage sale where you’re actually talking business. Whatever it is, have kind of either a mental note, use your phone, write it on a tablet, whatever the case is, always be researching for content you could be putting out in an email newsletter, on Facebook, anything like that.
It’s very, very important. You have to kind of put on that journalist mindset to always be looking for great angles and great things to be talking about with regards to your business, to your marketing, and that kind of thing from a content-creation perspective across all of your platforms that you’re using, whether that’s just email, Instagram or Facebook or whatever.
And on that note of being a journalist, the next tip is to find the angle. Most recently I was helping a real estate investor. He was having trouble kind of marketing this home he was working with. It was a really cool deal. He was talking about how the guy couldn’t make the mortgage payment anymore and all this kind of business, but he couldn’t find a JV investor for this one, even though he knew this family really needed it. Well, why did this family really need it? Well, the guy, the person that own the home, he stopped making payments because he couldn’t anymore. He was diagnosed with cancer, blah, blah, blah. Well, his son was going to come in and assume the loan.
And this is a really interesting thing. He wanted to kind of keep this home in the family, right? I’ve never seen an episode of it, but I was, like, “Man, that sounds a lot like the Sopranos,” like keep it in the family, very mob, very gangster. So what did we do? We found the angle on this particular deal. He sent out an email with “The Sopranos” at the top, a little picture. He got so many click-throughs, so many people read it, he had six people reach out to JV with him on this particular deal, and of course only one could. So then head five other people ready to go. But he found the angle. So when it comes to content creation, always be researching like a journalist and find the angle like a journalist.
The last thing when it comes to content creation that’s really, really important is the 80/20 rule. This is Pareto principle, we all know it. You know, 80% of your gains are produced from 20% of your activities. I’d like to flip this on its head a little bit when it comes to content creation. When it comes to content creation, 20%, 30%, 40% of your time needs to be around creating that content. The other side of it needs to be about promoting that content. I see it all too often in big businesses and with individual investors. They spend all of this time coming up with this great blog post, this great video, this great piece of content, and then they post it to one platform, or they send it out once, one time ever. They never retweet it, they never re-put it out on a Facebook page, they never re-put it on their Instagram. They feel like people are just going to go, “Oh, didn’t he post this video or this photo a month ago? Oh, man. He must not be able to have enough turnaround . . .”
It’s ridiculous. You need to be spending that 20%, 30% of your time creating that content and that 80%/70% promoting it. Find a better way to put it on Twitter. Find a different way to put it on Facebook. Find a different way to put it on Instagram. Find a different way to put it in your email. Find a different way to put it into your presentations when you’re talking to potential JV investors. Whatever it is, find your right ratio for you, but you need to be promoting that content you’re creating a lot more than you currently are. The only reason why I say that without having seen your content is because it’s true. Period. Flat-out. I’ve looked out enough of it to know it’s true.
So guys, always be researching. Find the angle in the homes you’re looking at and the deals you’re looking at, and the content you’re creating. And of course, 80/20 that stuff. Spend a decent amount of time creating it, but spend a whole lot of time promoting it, and you’ll get a lot more traction. All righty, guys. We’ll catch you next time.
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