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In today’s show, Duncan Wierman discusses how to implement automation within a lead generation system.

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Duncan discusses how being able to sort, respond, provide offers, and also follow up through outsourcing and automation can lead to more results in less time.

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Mike: Welcome back to the REI classroom where experts in the real estate business teach you quick lessons to take your business the next level. And now, let’s meet today’s expert host.
Duncan: Hey, everyone. Duncan Wierman here again at REI classroom. Man, I just keep loving to give these five-minute tips to you. I want to continue on with the whole process of branding, lead generation, but I want to take it this month into automation.
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Duncan: I hope all of you, in getting into your lead generation, are doing the majority of your lead generation online, but what this means as you go down this route is that you really have to have not only just a website but a complete automation system. It is one thing, I can get you a ton of traffic to your website, but it has to convert to a lead.
Once you have that lead, there is a whole backend automation process and customer management process that you have to set up, especially when you’re getting thousands of leads per month, following tactics am going to share with you in the continuing months, you’d better have a system to sort it because what I like to do is I get thousands of leads and I cherry pick them the very best ones.
When I see a lot of people doing is they do some marketing, be it postcard marketing or whatever and they’re getting a few leads. The thing is because they’re so hard, they spend so much money in that lead generation process, they’re literally banging their head against the wall to try and make it deal out of something that might not be a really good lead or deal at all.
When you switch to the online marketing module, you get your method, you get so many leads it is easy just to cherry pick and do all the easy ones. So that means you need a system to sort. So, first of all, it has to have the ability. When you have your website, set it up to have the ability right away soon as they give you a lead that it responds to them.
One of the things I do in my response to them is I put, “Hey, is that really the best offer you can do? Is that the best price you can do?” So they’re like, “Wow, that guy was really fast.” So now, when they email me back right away, I know if they’re motivated or not. Well, the system knows that, I should say.
Then, the system behind it that I use is automatically going to work and it’s analyzing the deal, comping the deal. Now, it’s actually going to make me three offers. Automatically, my website system makes me a wholesale offer, a lease option or rent-to-own offer and an owner finance offer. It then emails me that and tells me which one of these three are offers that I should put forward to that person because it says, “Hey, you’re going to make the most money with this offer so put this one forward first or give them all three.” And then, after that, it keeps following these people up on day one, day three, day five, day seven, day 10, etc.
So by having this constant follow-up process, I’m always on the top of that person’s mind. So they will come back to me. And I have no more money invested in my marketing besides email follow-ups. So make sure you have a website system that is engaging, that gets people to stay on the website, number one, that captures information, that follows up and negotiates and also does the backend processes along with your customer management.
In regards to automating your business, I spoke last month on virtual assistants. Really use your virtual assistants to do the promotion to get traffic to your website. So literally, your business should not need more than two hours a day of activity from you to make a full-time income.
It’s just you basically in the morning talking to your VA, “This is the marketing we’re doing. Here’s the content.” At the end of the day, you collect your leads from either your VA or your website and you start making calls for those offers and doing deals. That’s really what this business is about and it works for single-family homes, multi-family homes, self-storage, whatever. We’re just going to promote based on your strategy and the tactics are very much always the same.
So, guys, I really love this topic and I’m going to continue to talk about marketing, lead generation, we’ll go to more details in the following episode, specifically for motivated sellers. And we’ll have another one for hungry buyers, another one for finding private money. I’ve got a lot of great information to share.
That means you’ve got to keep coming back every single month to hear me. Or you can look in the author’s box and get a jumpstart. But, guys, I really want to put forth great thanks to our REI classroom. They’re doing this for you. Learning in little, small segments is huge, guys. You’re not going to be so overwhelmed. The brain can handle it so listen to these things as you go, a couple each day, and you’re going to expand your real estate career.
Thank you very much. Again, my name is Duncan Wierman from and I was your host today on REI Classroom.
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