There’s no “i” in Team. We all have certain things we’re good at, and things that other members of our team should handle. Chris Marroquin shares great advice on why to focus on your strengths, and let your team handle the rest. Also, why to not stray from your investing niche. Check it out!..

You’ve heard before to do what you love…what you’re passionate about. Despite the fact that life often takes many wild and unexpected turns, it has a way of almost always working out if you’re doing what you enjoy. Nathan Roach of MassVenture joins us on this episode of the Expert Tip show to share more...

david sewell diversify

More American’s are not only looking outside the US for real estate investing opportunities, but for places to have a ‘second home’ outside of the country. David Sewell joins today to share his thoughts on why this is important, and why it’s common in Panama..

cheap properties

Are you limiting yourself by only focusing on cheap houses? Sure, you can make money in cheap houses, but your upside is limited. Mike Fitzgerald shares some advice on to try to convice you to be more open minded. Check it out..

Want to be the real estate investing ‘master’ in your market? It’s not as hard as you think, but Zack Wiest joins us today to share how to get started. It’s a short and sweet real estate investing tip…don’t miss it!..

Patrick Precourt joins us today to share a great tip on how to increase performance in every area of your life by 100%. These 3 steps will help you increase performance, but only if you’re committed!..

Smart rental property owners learn over time how to minimize maintenance issues and cost, which allows them to put more money in their pockets. Steven Gesis shares this excellent tip on why you should eliminate carpet completely from your rental properties..

Most that set goals fail. A big reason for this failure is that they set the dates out so far that they don’t need to start execution today. Frank Curtain joins us today to talk about the importance of 90 day goals, and rapid execution to achieve your goals. You can’t hear this advice enough! Don’t miss it!..

Do you believe in what you do? Many people are stuck doing something that they ultimately don’t believe in, which is surely a recipe for failure. You owe it to yourself to not only enjoy and believe it what you’re doing, but to use it as a vehicle for benefiting others. Tom Olson shares this advice with us today on this..