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In the classroom today, Franklin Cruz talks to us about who you should be networking with and how to find like-minded individuals.

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By finding people who you are influenced by, or those who you want to influence, you’re putting yourself in a social situation that is perfect for networking and growth of your business.

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Real Estate Investing Classroom Show Transcripts:

Mike: Welcome back to the REI Classroom, where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now, let’s meet today expert host.

Franklin: All right. How are you doing? This is Franklin Cruz. I’m going to be your host today in the REI Classroom and again Franklin Cruz, that’s C-R-U-Z. Not Tom Cruz because that’s actually not his real name. Anyway, so today what I’m going to be talking about is two tricks to networking.

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Franklin: Networking is one of the easiest things how to do, is just network and you’re networking with people, but for some reason people just make it extremely complicated, this whole thing about networking. They call it power networking work, I’ve got to network with high performers.

One of the easiest things that you could do is network with people that you want to be. Network with people that you actually want to become or network with people that you actually want to influence or they can influence you. That is simple as this, one thing you can do is, first write down the subject you want to network.

Obviously if you’re on here, you’re a real estate investor or soon to be a real estate investor and all you have to do is this, it’s pretty simple. Write down specifically what subject you’re looking for. Are you looking to start buying private money or are you looking to start lending private money? Which way do you want to go?

So all I need you to do, is to say look, I want to start lending private money. Well start looking for a networking meaning, find a meet-up go to And you can right now research on the in your area, look under 501 or 401(k) plans or self-directed IRAs or stock market planning or people with retirement accounts, what to do, or tax strategy events.

Individuals that are trying to define the tax brackets are individuals that have some kind of wealth that actually want to not pay any more taxes, or less taxes. I know for a fact I am constantly looking for anything and everything that I could possibly do on not paying taxes.

One cool thing as a business owner or somebody who owns an LLC, like software, if you do a software improvements, I think it’s like a 100% tax write-off, or if you’re upgrading certain computers that’s up to 40% tax write-offs. But you have to start thinking about I’ve got to network with these people. So where are they?

Another thing is exotic car shows or wine events. Those individuals that are there are influencers. There’s somebody that you’re trying to look for, somebody that you actually want to be like, so start going where they are. A white tie event is another thing.

“Well Franklin, what do I say or how do I network?” The biggest thing is first have a business card, if you don’t have a business card, you’re kind of out of luck because you’re just going to write it down on a napkin.

The other thing is when you’re talking to somebody look at him face-to-face, eye-to-eye. Don’t look down when you’re talking to somebody. Shake their hand if you’re a man or a woman, look at him dead in the eye and say “Hi, my name is Franklin Cruz.” And one thing that I always do is, I don’t tell them what I do, which is I’m a real estate investor/real estate investing mentor, but what I do is I tell them who I help.

They always ask, “So what do you do?” “Well, what I do is I create possibilities for real estate investors throughout the entire country achieve wealth throughout their entire life and their family.” “Wow that’s amazing. Tell me more about that.” And then you go into it. Or if you’re looking for private money, “I create possibilities in neighborhoods that are lower income that we can actually help and create a better environment for all.” Perfect. There you go.

So the biggest thing is if you get anything out of this classroom, is first is take action. Start going to them, put them in your calendar, schedule it out and just make it happen. Thank you so much. I’ll see you guys next time.

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